New Beer Friday, Splash of Spring Edition (April 26)

Quit squirreling around. Get out there and enjoy the nice spring weather!

Preamble by Steve Siciliano

I guess I can say that spring is finally here because on a few days this past week, for the first time this year, my wife and I enjoyed our evening cocktails on the deck. After the outside furniture is stowed away in the fall, Barb and I take our nightly pre-dinner routine to a room in the basement of our old brick house. It’s a comfortable space. An area rug helps ward off the chill and there are warm afghans and comfortable chairs. There’s a television and a nice sound system. But after a while you get tired of staring at the tube and the music starts sounding stale and we’re ready for a change in scenery.

When we’re outside we can watch the dramatic and comedic episodes of nature -- two bright red male cardinals vying for the attention of the same dark brown female, plump squirrels scurrying across the lawn occasionally stopping to dig up a nut, a squadron of buzzards floating high overhead, two quacking mallards ambling to the temporary spring pond in the low ground on the edge of the tree line.

When we’re outside we can listen to a different type of music -- the distinctive, melodic calls of a variety of birds, a breeze rustling through the budding branches of the backyard maples, the cacophony of neighborhood lawnmowers, the gleeful squeals of playing children.

The muted sounds and the black and white shades of winter are transforming into the bright melodies and technicolor splashes of spring. It’s nice having a front row seat to the show.