Siciliano's Market News, June 18 Edition

This week's list of new and returning products follows a few words about fly fishing for the feisty bluegill

The feisty blugill

Preamble by Steve Siciliano

As much as I enjoy fly fishing for wary and wily trout, I think it’s almost as fun using light fly tackle to angle for the ubiquitous and omnivorous bluegill. Trout can be and often are notoriously finicky but this colorful pan fish will seemingly attack anything that swims, jigs, wiggles or moves. You won’t see bluegills doing high flying acrobatics and they won’t take your line out to the backing on reel screeching runs, but if you tie into a big one, known as a slab in angling parlance, pound for pound they’ll fight as long and as hard as any comparably sized brown, brookie or rainbow.

While Barb and I have caught many bluegills off the dock at the cottage we prefer taking our little fishing boat out before or after the designated time (11 am - 7 pm) when the speed boats and jet skis have the run of the lake. We normally fish with tiny black, yellow or orange rubber spiders, casting them towards shore then retrieving them with slow steady strips, but the last time out I had a lot of success with a little yellow popper. One time I laid the imitation in the middle of some half sunken logs and a big one smacked it the second it lit on the water. Now that's what I call fun!

In the past we have always released what we caught (unless there's no chance that the fish will survive) but lately Barb's been expressing a desire to keep and freeze a few of the pan fish for a future fish fry. I have a general aversion for slaying things but I also like keeping my wife happy. I haven't taken a filet knife to a fish in years but I guess I'll have to bone up on my de-boning skills. Come to think of it, a mess of fried bluegill fillets with a bottle or two of a crisp New Zealand sauvignon blanc sounds pretty good. Pass the tartar sauce please!

Featured Wines of the Week

Lobetia, Un-oaked Chardonnay, 2019, Spain, $10.89/750 ml *Organic*- 100% Chardonnay, the grapes are harvested during the night in August and cold macerated before fermenting . On the nose it is full of exotic fruit notes and on the palate it is full flavored and fresh with good acidity that is full of tropical fruit tones. (Source)

Toi Toi, Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand, 2019, $15.59/750 ml- Pale straw in colour, the 2019 vintage is fantastically fruited, with intense aromatic notes on the nose consisting of passionfruit, kiwi fruit, feijoa and musk characters, leading to a lively palate that is crisp and flavoursome. (Source)

Dashwood, Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand, 2019, $14.49/ 750ml- Our Sauvignon Blanc style is bright, forward and direct. Vivaciously crisp, it showcases gooseberry, citrus and fresh tropical fruit flavours that linger through the finish. (Source)

Nexo, Rioja, Spain, Spain, 2018, $10.69/ 750ml- Plum brilliant red color with purple coming through showing youth. It is fresh and floral with notes of bay leaves. Some slight tannins with a soft aftertaste. (Source)

Semaphore 7, Red Blend, 2017, Portugal, $12.79/750ml- : An intense ruby red. Shows good intensity with black fruit and floral notes. Elegant and complex. (Source)

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Featured Spirits of the Week

La Adelita Tequilas, Mexico, Blanco $41.09/750ml, Reposado $46.29/750ml-Our company’s history begins in 1885, when the descendants of Don Antonio Faustino de Aceves y Casillas built Hacienda La Capillla. Don Antonio Aceves, better known as “Amo Aceves” was the founder of Capilla de Guadalupe, a town that got its name from the town chapel, built in honor of the “Virgin of Guadalupe”. This town rests under the shade of the Cerro Gordo, in the heart of Jalisco Highs, at 7290 feet above sea level, providing excellent conditions for the growing of agave, such as moderate climate and volcanic ground. Don Antonio was a hardworking man and a passionate promoter of quality. His descendants took advantage of the local Agave farming and formally started the company Hacienda la Capilla S.A. de C.V. in the year 1993. Since those days, the growing of agave has been its core business. La Adelita is a partnership bringing a renowned award winning vintner together with a generational family and visionaries in Mexico to create a uniquely pure and traditional tequila that is a 100% estate program.

Blanco Tasting Notes: Pungent aromas of lime-juiced agave — tart, ripe, and sweet — lead to a zing of spiced vanilla bean on the tongue, with a warming effect that melts into a chocolate coating. The spirit finishes with a wet-stone sensation, followed by a settling sweetness.

Reposado Tasting Notes: Perfumed with dill and just-ripened agave, this expression is semi-sweet yet buffered by salinity; toffee, oak, and walnut dot the palate with dryness. The edgy texture grips and almost tightens the tongue before a bold finish of tobacco and mocha.

Hamilton, White Stache Rum, $28.39/ 1000ml- Missing the clean, fresh flavor of aged molasses-based rum that had been carbon-filtered back to clear, rum with a slight coconut note, Ed Hamilton decided to expand his rum line with one of his own. To recapture those flavors and aromas, he sourced and blended rums from several different islands. The bulk of is aged rum from Trinidad, with sugar cane and molasses distillates from Guyana and Santo