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Engineering Homework Help: Operational Paradigm

The automated system has to be turned to the working environment where it would be deployed; according to homework help free service in some cases the environment has to be modified to make it conductive to the proposed automated system, at least to some extent.

Read the examples given below:

(i) Take an example of a busy stock exchange where millions of trade transactions are flashing continually and billions are exchanged for corporate stocks. Sharing of data is the crux here as the scale of sharing is very high, data has to reverse the network channels speedily and the Internet has to work as a backbone. This requires a system that a highly resilient and as fail-proof as possible.

(ii) A slaughter plant churning out boneless chicken receives truck-loads of the live birds that are sanitized, butchered, de-boned and then the meat is dumped for a while in the cold storage. In this extremely sterilized scenario, hanging clipboards showing printed production plans are ruled out. At sub-zero temperatures the computer terminals also may not be installed or may not be efficient.

(iii) Factories manufacturing specially chemicals work on continuous ingots of different raw material components in specified proportion and many processes like pulverizing and pounding are incessantly going on with control parameters like temperature, pressure, etc. Here the system has to work online and in real time, plus it has to work with interfaces that actually regulate the process parameters and take instant remedial measures on deviations.

(iv) Modern warfare has mission critical applications delegated to computers. When an enemy missile is sensed on radars, the intricate mathematical computations have to be worked out to analyze the geographical location of the source and its possible trajectory. According to answers to homework service this could be then used to find out which of the many bases is best fit for a counter attack plus the direction and speed of the responding missile.

Let us not forget that all this computation has to be done well within a few microseconds to provide adequate time for an immediate counter attack.

According to studydaddy tutor all these examples underline the need for the systems analyst to study scrupulously the operating environment in order to make the computerization a success.

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