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is there some reason why you would like to have both the linux kernel and a raid chipset? acicula: I wouldnt... since its an lsi card you can probably disable the raid features and if it doesnt detect the raid functionality of the lsi card then the kernel wont either also are you using the latest version of ubuntu or a previous release? 4.2.1 in jaunty? hello I'm looking for some software to analyze large (millions) of text files perl for starters, there are many other options too I found "Sellier and Bellot's Text Processing Toolkit" ( ) urthmover: is there any particular reason why you don't want to use a free alternative? nope I just like to know for sure if there is a tool for the job yes, a tool needs to be well written. there are many ways to achieve the same task but if there is a free alternative, that's great there is probably a vim-line for your task thanks SeySayux and its easy to install, if its not, install a text editor and use it to do the task. I have to process approx one million text files which have a daily updates there is also "grep" but I'm no expert I was thinking of writing a simple perl script that takes the files from a folder and saves them into a new folder so I can easily just type new file.txt urthmover: grep -R [pattern] /path/to/files ubottu: grep is a good tool for searching and filtering. jussi




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Antares Auto Tune 7 Crack 64bit Pirate Bay

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