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Wine & Spirits

More than a world-class beer store, Siciliano's carries a huge variety of wine, spirits, cider, mead and Sake. 


We are happy to recommend the right bottle(s) for any occasion (holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, Saturdays). We also take particular pride in our hand-picked assortment of affordable, everyday wines in the $8-15 range.


Siciliano's has kept pace with the recent boom in craft and local sprits, offering a wide array of gin, whiskey, brandy, vodka and more from start-up distilleries and industry leaders alike. Plus, if the bottle you're looking for is in the Michigan liquor book but not currently on our shelves, we will do our best to special order it for you.

Cider, Mead, Sake

Along with several imports and national and regional offerings, we maintain a generous inventory of ciders and meads produced right here in Michigan. Be sure to explore our huge walk-in cider cooler!

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