New Beer Friday, Lake County Breakfast Joint Edition (October 11)

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

A typical breakfast at Annie's Kozy Kitchen in Wellston.

Preamble by Steve Siciliano

Dieticians tell us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it revs up your metabolism and gives you energy throughout the morning to get stuff done. When Barb and I are up at our Lake County lake house, we take this advice to heart. Before we venture out to get stuff done (i.e., hitting the area trout streams), we make it a point to eat a hearty breakfast.

There are some good breakfast joints in the environs of the cottage and the one we hit is determined by the direction we’re headed that particular morning. If we’re fishing the Sauble, we’ll fuel up at Blossom’s on Bass Lake Road. If the Little Manistee is on our agenda, we’ll stop at the Irons Café. If we’re fishing in the Wellston area, we’ll hit Annie’s Kozy Kitchen.

All three restaurants offer solid food and friendly service but the Kozy Kitchen is hands down our favorite. If you stop at this nondescript eatery on Caberfae Highway, you’d better bring your appetite because the portions are huge.

Since the Kozy Kitchen is in the vicinity of some of Michigan’s finest trout streams, it makes sense that it sports a fishing themed motif. The walls are lined with dozens of kitschy signs and plaques -- good things come to those who bait; teach a man to fish and he’ll play with his fly all day -- that sort of thing. There’s also a couple of interesting old photographs that were taken during the construction of the nearby Manistee River’s Tippy Dam, an autumn angling hot spot for migrating steelhead. Go