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Siciliano's Market News, January 27, 2023 Edition

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

This week's list of new and returning products follows information about the 2023 Edition of the Siciliano's Home Brew Competition

Preamble By Dan Sipka

We are pleased to announce that judging for the 2023 edition of the Siciliano's Homebrew Competition will be held this year on Saturday, April 22nd. The winner of Best of Show (BOS) for this year's comp will have the opportunity to brew his or her winning recipe at a local brewery, will receive a $250.00 gift card to Siciliano’s Market and, per tradition, will have his or her name engraved on the prestigious Siciliano’s Cup. The winner will be announced on Saturday, May 6th, as we team up with our good friends at Trail Point Brewing Company to celebrate Big Brew Day! See below for contest rules and regulations for the 2023 edition of the Siciliano’s Homebrew Competition. Good luck, everyone!

  • We are happy to announce some exciting, new changes to the legendary Siciliano's Homebrew Competition!

1. We are upgrading to the 2021 BJCP Style Guidelines! Ciders and meads are excluded from this competition. If you are unsure of which is the correct style for your beer, contact us and we will help.

2. Homebrewers will now be allowed to enter up to two entries! There will be a total of 150 entries. All entries must be brewed by the registrant on a home brewing system. Please do not submit entries under the names of significant others, insignificant others, siblings, offspring, distant relatives, estranged roommates, pets, fictional characters, imaginary friends or anyone else.

3. We are in the works of upgrading our competition software this year! We will update you in the next upcoming weeks but there are some things to figure out with this. If this does not work out, we will use reggiebeer again. Stay tuned!

  • Entries require three (3) plain, unlabeled/unmarked 12-ounce amber bottles. Please, no cans, no clear bottles or bottles of any other size. Please print labels to drop off with your beer.

  • The entry fee is $15.00 per entry.

  • The total number of contest entries will be capped at 150. Do not delay in submitting your entry. Once the cap is reached no additional entries will be accepted.

  • Online registration be will open on Sunday, March 12th and go through Sunday, April 9th or until 150 entries are submitted, whichever occurs first.

  • All entries must be dropped off between Sunday, March 26th through Sunday April 9th. Entries must be received by Sunday, April 9th, 2023. Entries will not be accepted after that date. If mailing an entry, please include paperwork and submission fee. Ship in a well-packed box to: Siciliano’s Market // 2840 Lake Michigan Dr. NW // Grand Rapids, MI 49504

All entries in the Siciliano’s Homebrew Competitions are judged by industry professionals and/or trained judges according to the standards of style, not in comparison to each another, with the exception of the Best of Show rounds. Entries that receive scores falling within designated point totals will be awarded medals. A reminder too that we are looking for judges and stewards to help us evaluate all that homebrew. Judging will be held on Saturday, April 22, 2023 at the Siciliano's Judging Venue, 17 Seward NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504. Registration for judges and stewards is now open.

Featured Wines of the Week

Bodegas Vina Elena Familia Pacheco Organic Monastrell 2020- $12.69/750ML- This is an exceptional little wine for the money. Bags of blackberry, plums and cherry. The palate is big and juicy with tonnes of ripe fruit flavours and a little licorice. A smooth and lengthy finish caps of what is a spectacular bottle of wine for the money. Delicious with tapas, roast meats and cheese

Nepolino Trebbiano Chardonnay 2019 $12.49/750ML-This Chardonnay blend of 70% Trebbiano and 30% Chardonnay has a fresh citrus tone with flavor highlights of green apple, pear, and melon. There is earthy note of stone and minerals. It makes me feel as though I mixed a Sauvignon Blanc with a Chardonnay.

Toad Hollow Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon $20.59/750ML-Brambly blackberry, sweet-leaf tobacco aromas, and light notes of vanilla and spice fill the glass. On the palate hints of cedar and fresh herbs mingle with densely layered black fruit flavors. Soft tannin's frame a mouth-filling richness.

Buy three or more bottles of wine get 10 % off.

"It's our mission at Siciliano's to sell quality wine at affordable prices

Featured Spirits of the Week

Jefferson's Reserve Pritchard Hill Cabernet Cask Finish $73.59/750ml- This whiskey starts as a rare straight rye actually made in Michigan and then is finished an additional 6 months in barrels previously used to age maple syrup. The maple barrel finish imparts a subtle sweetness to this otherwise spicy rye spirit.

Eastern Kille Bottled in Bond $52.49/750ml- With aromas of toasted sugar and dark fruit, the body is unapologetically rich and full.Rounded truffle, vanilla bean and Mexican chocolate help finish, mingled with a savory bitterness. Inspired by Italian tradition, Amaricano balances rich and herbaceous tones for a breathtakingly bold experience.

Wheel Horse Kentucky Straight Bourbon $39.99- This sour mash, small batch whiskey is made from 70% corn, 21% rye and 9% malted barley. It's distilled in copper stills then matured in hand-selected, 53-gallon, charred oak barrels for between three and four years.

New and Returning Products

Blom Blueberry Maple Mead, $4.09/12oz- Intriguing combo of floral pressed blueberries with rich maple syrup for moderate back sweetening. Tasting notes: woodsy, jammy, charming. All Bløm ingredients are sourced from Michigan farmers and producers

City Built Fluffy Unicorns, $4.89/16oz- Pineapple, marshmallow, lactose and ground unicorn horn.

Hopewell Long Shadows, $4.39/16oz- Red-hued and robust, showcasing piney and citrusy hops against a backdrop of toasty malts

Oddside Shamrock Bean Flicker, $2.39/12oz- A minty take on the classic Bean Flicker. Has a forward note of coffee that is definitive of its original counterpart and a moderate peppermint finish kicking in slightly after the swallow

Rhinegeist Juicy Thruth, $2.19/12oz- Some truths are juicier than others…

The result of years of experimentation in the Juicy/Hazy IPA space, our Truth is, once again, found in the scintillating brilliance of hops. Brewed to unleash the mouthwatering, tropical notes and aromas of the generous hop bill, Juicy Truth delivers on the promise made by our iconic flagship IPA: always bold, always consistent, always fresh, always delicious.

Brimming with notes of juicy pineapple, fresh mango and bright citrus, our brand new, year round Hazy IPA pairs perfectly with logging off, daydreaming, and enjoying everything life has to offer. Juicy Truth is available in cans (including new 19.2oz cans) and on draft. The world needs more Truth.

Schlafly Coffee Stout, $1.99/12oz- Our Coffee Stout is a classic combination of a traditional stout and premium French roast coffee from St. Louis roaster, Kaldi’s Coffee. Roasted barley and coffee dominate the aroma, with the sweetness from the stout balancing the acidity of the coffee. We use a unique cold toddy extraction process to brew a less acidic coffee for the beer.

Schlafly Tasmanian IPA, $2.39/12oz-Our Tasmanian IPA is brewed with 100% Australian hops. The Tasmanian hop, Galaxy, is a strong, aromatic variety that is different from traditional strains of the Pacific Northwest. Our brewers developed a recipe that showcases the hop’s unique flavors of citrus and pineapple.

Shorts Power of Love, $1.99/12oz- Power of love is a truly unique pink colored Shandy created by blending Northwoods Gourmet Lemonade and a Wheat Ale brewed with raspberry and rosemary. Enticing sugary aromas intermix with appealing citrus and herb fragrances. Very sweet lemon flavors give way to a shock of tart raspberry before turning sharply dry, as if eating a piece of grapefruit. The finish is somewhat bitter and spicy, but quite satisfying.

Three Floyds BA Behemoth, $7.09/12oz- Our American-style Barleywine gets the barrel treatment, as we age it in bourbon barrels for over a year. From here the intense hop character gets rounded out and complemented with natural vanilla, coconut and bourbon notes extracted from the barrel aging process

Transient Home Made MW Pils, $2.79/16oz

Untitled Art American Pilsner, $2.79/16oz-Pilsner made with Hallertau, Mittlefruh, and Strata hops

Untitled Art Candied Pecan Stout, $5.49/12oz-Pastry Stout w/Cane Sugar, Belgian Candi Syrup, Honey, Pecans, Cocoa Nibs, & Natural Flavors

Untitled Art West Coast IPA, $5.49/16oz-West coast IPA with Cascade, Centennial, Simcoe and Cashmere hops

Untitled Arts Juice Drop Prickly Pear Strata, $5.49/16oz-IPA w/Strata hops, prickly pear juice, & natural flavors.

Urban Artifact Pinwheel, $2.39/12oz- An orange fruit tart. Brewed with the zest of one whole orange per can!

Descriptions courtesy of Untappd


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