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Siciliano's Market News, December 2nd, 2022 Edition

Six Months Down and Many, Many Years To Go

Preamble by Dan Sipka

Wow, I can't believe it has been a full six months since taking over the Market as of yesterday. Time has flew by and we are already right around the corner from Christmas. I have enjoyed every minute of owning this store and I am still learning a lot. I love when someone who hasn't been here before walks in for the first time. I get giddy to give them a tour of our "Adult Candy Store" and hope they return again.

Thank you to all of our customers who have continued to support us. One of my favorite parts of owning the Market is creating relationships with you all and getting to know you on a personal level. You make everyday at the market better.

I also want to shout out our staff who have been INCREDIBLE since day one of taking over ownership. I appreciate all your hard work and dedication. It makes my day when I get a message from someone commenting how awesome the customer service and staff was on their last visit, which is quite often! Thank you all for being yourself and working so hard to keep this store a place where people want to come back to.

In other news, below are some events coming up this month and our updated holiday hours.

  • Upcoming Tastings

    • American Liquor Co- Thursday December 8th from 4:00-7:00 pm

    • Archival Brewing -Friday, December 9th from 4:00-7:00 pm

    • Longroad Distillers Friday, December 16th from 4:00-7:00 pm

    • Mitten Brewing, Friday, December 30th from 4:00 pm-6:00 pm

    • Introducing WINE WEDNESDAY! Every Wednesday from 4-6pm either Kati or Dan will be pouring samples of a featured wine for that week.

  • Holiday Closings and Special Hours

    • Christmas Eve-December 24th- Hours of operations is 8:00am- 4:00 pm

    • Christmas Day-December 25th- CLOSED

    • New Years Day- January 1st-12:00-6:00 pm

New and Returning Products

21st Amendment Hell or High Pomegranate, $1.99/12oz-Lady Liberty stands tall and regal welcoming the brisk sting of winter and its traditions, reflected in what we eat, drink and enjoy. A refreshing beer brewed with real Pomegranate juice for fruity and slightly tart notes that meld with soft malt and biscuit flavors. Perfect for a bracing winter day

Archival Brewing Harwood Porter, $1.99/12oz-Though the history of the style known today as porter is hotly debated, we've brewed this historic London beer as tribute to Ralph Harwood, the ale's alleged creator. Low in IBUs with a slight smokiness, this porter's drinkability has full flavor with a low ABV.

Arvon Brewing Co Space Chase, $4.39/12oz-New Zealand Pilsner with Motueka and Riwaka hops

Arvon Brewing Co Little Wookiee, $5.19/12oz-West Coast IPA with Columbus, Simcoe, Chinook

Arvon Brewing Co Sail Away, $5.59/12oz-New England style Pale Ale loaded with Vic Secret and Mosaic hops

Arvon Brewing Co Switch Lanes ,$5.59/12oz-Rye NEIPA dry hopped with Mosaic and Idaho 7

Arvon Brewing Co Ghost Dagger, $5.59/12oz-NEIPA with Citra and Bru-1

Arvon Brewing Co Double Down Mosaic, $6.79/12oz-DNEIPA highlighting Mosaic hops

Arvon Brewing Co Capri Breeze, $6.79/12oz-Kettle sour with Passion Fruit, Mango, and Pineapple

Arvon Brewing Co Tropical Ice Cream Mosaic, $6.79/12oz

Arvon Brewing Co Just Peachy, $6.79/12oz-Kettle Sour loaded with peaches, peach ring candy and conditioned on milk sugar.

Arvon Brewing Co The Docks $5.99/12oz-Our rendition of a Baltic Porter

Austin Brothers Murk Twain, $4.09/16oz-This New England IPA pours a murky light golden color. Dry hopped with Mosaic and Citra hops. Super smooth delivery of tropical fruits, orange and passion fruit.

Brew Detroit Cold Brew Coffee Stout Variety Pack, $12.99/4pk

Brew Detroit Cold Brew Coffee Stout, $3.59/16oz

City Built Krewe de Rex, $4.09/16oz-Black czech style lager. Crisp, clean, refreshing with a slight roast. Easy drinking

Destihl Cherry Pie Sour, $2.79/12oz-Inspired by the nostalgic flavors of your favorite dessert, this sour ale is a refreshingly tart & slightly sweet taste adventure that will keep you coming back for more! Cheers!

Destihl Deadhead Driving that Haze, $4.39/16oz-Our DeadHead IPA series melds the alluring vibe of our favorite music with unbounded tasks on the hoppy beers we love to drink, unleashing a whole new groove. Our Drivin' That Haze IPA features Pilsen malt, flaked oats & Vienna malt with a chord of Cashmere, Amarillo & Simcoe hops, for a smooth malt melody with notes of tropical and citrus fruits.

Destihl Deadhead Tourbus, $4.59/16oz-Our DeadHead IPA Series melds the alluring vibe of our favorite music with unbounded takes on the hoppy beers we love to drink, unleashing a whole new groove. Our TourBus IPA features 2-row malt, flaked oats & wheat with Citra & Mosaic hops, providing dynamic notes of tropical, citrus fruits & berries. Cheers!

Destihl Deadhead West Coast IPA, $2.39/12oz-Like the bold colors & patterns of a tie-dye shirt, this West Coast-style IPA is bursting with psychedelic hoppy & fruity aromas swirling with abundant american hop flavor & bitterness and a vintage malt backdrop. Cheers!

Drafting Table 2 Point Perspective, $4.09/16oz

DuClaw Sour Me Watermelon Cherry, $4.09/16oz-A wistful, tart-sweet sour with an iconic cherry-watermelon flavor combo. Crack open for a crisp candy scent with a sip that packs a juicy punch. You’ve seriously got to have it!.

DuClaw Strawberry Milkshake IPA, $4.49/16oz-Brewed with lactose and strawberries. Creamy and full bodied mouthfeel with a subtle sweetness.

DuClaw Unicorn Farts After Dark, $4.09/16oz-Glitter shines brighter in the dark. Giddy up for this french toast flavor frenzy, complete with alluring chocolate and spiced cinnamon. A beautifully dark take on the original “Unicorn Farts”collaboration between DuClaw Brewing Co. & DiabloDoughnuts, now brewed as a dessert stout with chocolatey, cinnamon cereal and gold edible glitter

Fair State Centenial/Citra Hop Water, $2.69/16oz

Fair State Galaxy/Citra Hop Water, $2.69/16oz

New Holland Holiday Ale, $4.89/16oz-This winter ale is inspired by the festive taste of eggnog and is brewed with milk sugar and enough nutmeg to fill Santa’s sleigh! Post-fermentation, the beer is aged in bourbon barrels for over 3 months for an added kick of bourbon, vanilla and oak

Perrin Black Variety Pack, $19.69/12pk

Pigeon Hill Cinna Gram on French Toast, $6.39/12oz-What happens when you throw Your Mom On French Toast in barrels from Journeyman Distillery and let them soak up the whisky goodness for several months

Pigeon HIll Imperial SCP, $4.89/12oz-The high gravity version of Salted Caramel Porter. The alcohol warmth is present yet enjoyable in this medium bodied porter that taste like a salted caramel. Not overly sweet.

Three Floyds Artic Panzer, $4.99/16oz-A dry and stupendously hopped medium bodied Imperial IPA brewed with Canadian two-row malt, dextrose sugar and lots of American hops. Arctic Panzer Wolf has superior aromas of marmalade, white wine, pine and apricot all mixed with an intense American hop bitterness.

Untitled Art Affogato Stout, $5.69/12oz-Pastry stout brewed and blended with the bittersweet flavors of roasted coffee and dark chocolate balanced with the smooth creaminess of vanilla and milk sugar for a decadent dessert of a beer crafted for savoring after a meal (passeggiata - the traditional Italian after-indulgence stroll - optional, but recommended).

Upper Hand Lumen, $2.39/12oz

Upper Hand Sisu Stout, $3.49/12oz-Flavors of chocolate, roasted coffee, and caramel, blend perfectly with the aged bourbon oak characters of vanilla and maple

Descriptions courtesy of Untappd

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