Craft Beer 101: How to Properly Stock a Garage Beer Fridge

You'll be the envy of your neighborhood with a garage beer fridge like this.

Build a collection of brews for a happy, hoppy summer party.

By Tim Chilcote

Are you really living if you don’t have a beer fridge in your garage? Getting under the hood of an old car, hosting a party, tinkering on a woodworking project, hiding from the world -- the garage is a classic watering hole and the original (and functional) man cave or den.

And while Snoop and Dre’s stacked 40s were an inspiration for a generation, beer has evolved since Nuthin but a G Thang. It’s high time we upped our fridge game, and our ABV. Here’s how to keep your garage -- and your house guests -- properly in the suds.

Top Shelf: Premium And Tall Beers

Keep the good stuff like KBS and HopSlam up top. The eye-catching, palate-pleasing varieties belong front-and-center for guests of honor or beer geeks, and it’s easy enough to say “hands off the top shelf” for folks who might otherwise accidentally grab a five dollar beer without knowing anything about “fancy” microbrews. Depending on how your shelves are organized, the top shelf can also be a good place to store tall bottles or growlers from your local brewery.

Middle Shelf: Staples And Favorites