New Beer Friday, Good Thing for the Goodykes Edition (July 26)

Tim & Irma Goodyke

Preamble by Steve Siciliano

Tim and Irma Goodyke might not agree but Barb and I are sure glad they were guests at our cottage last weekend. The huge storm that stalled over northwest Michigan on Saturday knocked out the electricity and the torrential, all-day rain caused a deluge of problems. It was nice having a handy guy like Tim around to help deal with the issues and the excellent Mexican fare Irma prepared Saturday evening was the bright spot of an otherwise dismal day.

According to the National Weather Service an incredible ten inches of rain fell in the environs of Lake County. With no power to run the sump pump, the basement began flooding and the decision was made to go to Ludington to buy a generator. It was a harrowing drive because the heavy downpour made it difficult to see and there were times when we had to slow to a crawl through high muddy water while praying we weren’t going to fall in a truck engulfing sinkhole.

Shortly after firing up the generator we discovered that the water table had risen so high that a steady stream was pouring into the basement through a hole around a pipe halfway up the wall. The sump pump could barely keep up with the flow. After an hour it said screw it and quit working. Tim and I hopped back in the truck, raced as fast as we dared to a hardware store in Dublin and plucked the last heavy-duty pump off the shelf.