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New Michigan Hop Varieties Now in Stock at Siciliano's

We are excited to announce that six varieties of Michigan hops from Hang'em High Hops LLC are now exclusively available in the Grand Rapids area at Siciliano's Market. The hops are line priced at $2.79 per oz. Varieties and descriptions follow.

Gemini™ is quickly becoming known as this year’s ultimate utility power house.  This Hop is no "one trick pony", offering endless opportunities to enhance and expand the flavor profile of a brew.  ALPHA: 6-9.57% BETA: 3-4.25%

Analytics: Cohumalone: 33.7% Colupulone: 56.9% Myrcene: 17.81% Linolool:  NA% Geraniol: .02% Farnesene: .96% Caryophyllene: 11.95% Humulene:  24.74%​ Total Oil/100g: .09   

Aromas Identified by Brewers: Strawberry, Candy, Fruit Punch, Honey Dew, Lemon Pith, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Cheap Bubble Gum, Mandarin, Cilantro, Fruit Cocktail Syrup

Paradigm™ is the proud beginning of an entire movement, an industry shift that may very well revitalize what it means to commercially grow hops for Midwest Hop growers.  ALPHA: 8-10.2% BETA: 3.9-4.6%

Analytics: Cohumalone: 35.4% Colupulone: 58.9% Myrcene: 33.21%Linolool: NA% Geraniol:   .01% Farnesene: 1.98% Caryophyllene: 5.03%Humulene:  4.78%​Total Oil/100g: 1.2     

Aromas Identified by Brewers: Herbal, Peach, Pear, Dank, Tropical, Cotton Candy, Mint, Papaya, Spice, Chamomile, Catty, Spicy Berry, Jolly Rancher, Bubble Gum, lily, Rich Melon.

Bergamot™ subtly nicknamed "O.A.F." by the brewers in the GLH Brew Group that have crafted incredible first round trial brews with this hop.  There is no lack of orange in this hop.  You won't need to garnish your beer with an orange slice ever again.  ALPHA: 8-9% BETA: 6-8%

Analytics: Cohumalone: 40.06% Colupulone:  65%Myrcene: 33.36% Linolool:  NA% Geraniol:   .12% Farnesene:  2.45% Caryophyllene: 8.36% Humulene: 13.96% Total Oil/100g: 2.0  

Aromas Identified by Brewers: Mango, Tropical, Juniper, Papaya, Dank, Lime, Pepper, Lemon Zest, Spice, Green Melon, Floral, BIG Orange Rind, Perfume, Orange Juice, Lime aid, Cherry, Creamsicle, Jolly Rancher

Emerald Spire™ Pleasant, Fruit forward and Delicious.  If the smell of the cones doesn't make your mouth water the first sip of any beer with this hop as the star of the show sure will.  ALPHA: 7-8.63% BETA: 3.5%

Analytics: Cohumalone: 37.3% Colupulone: 64.9% Myrcene: 25.22% Linolool: NA% Geraniol:  .32% Farnesene: 3.88% Caryophyllene: 7.83% Humulene: 10.92%​Total Oil/100g: 1.2       

Aromas Identified by Brewers: ​Smarties, Juicy Fruit, Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon, White Grape, Watermelon, Skunk, Bubble Gum, Nutty, Very Ripe Peach, Fruit Punch, Honeydew

Mackinac™ May have been a little slower out of the gates but has proven the favorite. This incredible hop is among the first new cultivar to be released from the GLH trials and breeding program in 2014.  It has gained traction and praise across the United States since and has not only increased in demand but cannot be planted quickly enough to fulfill requests.  ALPHA: 9-11% BETA: 2.8-3.5%

Analytics: Cohumalone: 35% Colupulone: 62% Myrcene: 6% Linolool: .17% Geraniol:      .64% Farnesene: 1.83% Caryophyllene: 4.87% Humulene: 11.3%​ Total Oil/100g: 1.55        

Aromas Identified by Brewers: Heavy Robust Tropical Citrus, Melon & Papaya w/ Unique Floral & Peppery undertones

Michigan Copper™ was among the first new cultivar to be released from the GLH trials and breeding program in 2014.  It has gained traction and praise across the United States since and has only increased in demand.  ALPHA: 8.81010.5% BETA: 2.45-3.5%

Analytics: Cohumalone: 36% Colupulone: 66% Myrcene: 43% Linolool: .41%Geraniol:       7.5% Farnesene: .86% Caryophyllene: 7.6%Humulene: 17.2%​ Total Oil/100g: 1.15      

Aromas Identified by Brewers: Fragrant Floral, Tropical Fruit, Hawaiian Fruit Punch, Black Cherry, Hard Red Candy, Hibiscus Resin


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