Siciliano's Market News, April 23 Edition

Dreams of anxiety & a nightmarish fairy tale about a family of bears

"That was mighty fine bourbon, Steve!"

By Steve Siciliano

I think I remember most of my dreams, at any rate the ones I do remember have always been vivid and, for the most part, pleasant. Lately, however, my sleep has been disturbed by a preponderance of what may be clinically classified as dreams of anxiety. Some are work related. For one example, I’m trying to ring up a sale and I can’t remember how to operate the damn register. In another there were suddenly dozens of unmasked and ungloved people milling about the store and no one was practicing social distancing. That sort of thing.

Then there are the ones where I’m charged with completing a task and I have no idea how to do it. Also the ones where I have to be at some location at a certain time and I have no clue how to get there. Again, that sort of thing.

These rather disturbing dreams are, of course, being propagated by the cumulative stress of trying to responsibly operate a public business during a worldwide pandemic. I know that temporarily shuttering the doors to the public was the right thing to do despite the occasional protests. Last week some dolt stood in the parking lot and called me stupid to my masked face after being informed that he couldn’t enter the store. Before getting back in his vehicle and slamming the door h