(Dec 20)

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

By Steve Siciliano

Longtime readers of The Buzz may have noticed that one of our blog's regular features has a new name. For the past eight years the popular weekly post bore the title of New Beer Friday, an apt moniker in view of the fact that the piece usually ran on that particular day of the week and included a list of the store’s new and returning beers.

Because Siciliano's product lineup has evolved over the years, we felt that a name change for the weekly Friday feature was in order. The list of new and returning beers in the Friday post always followed a short preamble (usually penned by yours truly) that could, and in fact often did, focus on subjects other than beer. The upshot was that subscribers who might be more interested in those other subjects (fine wine, winemaking, premium cigars, spirits, etc.) perhaps weren't reading posts and thus weren't getting the skinny on the other cool things we're doing and the other products we're selling at the store.

We feel that the new name, Siciliano's Market News, will broaden our readership and help keep all of our loyal customers better informed.