Siciliano's Market News, Feb 21 Edition

A Trio of Spirits Tastings, an Exclusive Single-Barrel Bourbon and a Weekend Hunt for "Hidden" Treasures.

By Steve Siciliano

If you’re looking for ways to counter the February blues here’s a quintet of spirited suggestions. Not only do we have three in-store spirits tastings scheduled this weekend we’re also running our annual Craft Beer Easter Egg Hunt. Over the next three days we'll be periodically dipping into our cache of rare beers and "hiding" the gems in plain sight throughout our massive craft beer section.

And last, but certainly not least, we are excited to announce that we have procured an entire 30-gallon barrel of bourbon from Long Road Distillers. This straight 93 proof bourbon (63% corn, 17% rye, 13% wheat & 7% barley) was aged three years in new, medium-char oak barrels. The 750ml bottles are labeled with the Siciliano's Market logo and are retailing $47.39 exclusively at Siciliano's.

The following are Siciliano's liquor buyer John Barecki's tasting notes: Nose: Dry cinnamon, caramel. slight mint, kettle corn, vanilla cream, lemon meringue, dried oak. Palate: Light butter scotch, hard candy, dried apricot, slight nuttiness, baking spice. Finish: Spicy, herbal, slight minerality.

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