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Siciliano's Market News, February 4 Edition

This week's list of new and returning products follows a few words about furry pets


Preamble by Steve Siciliano

Barb and I have shared our home with domesticated furry animals for a good portion of our married life but after Miss Lizzie, our sweet but rotund golden retriever, joined Tiara Rose, Codie Joe and Ellie Mae in doggie heaven a few years back we decided to take a hiatus from adopting more pets. Besides the aforementioned canines we've also had four felines--Rag-a-Muffin, Rusty (aka Bubby), Ozzie and Vladamir--and one, just one, hamster. Dolly flew the coop one night and went on the lam. After finally finding her remains under the dryer a few weeks later I made the unilateral decision that we would never, ever adopt another rodent.

My wife's love of furry pets knows no bounds but I have to confess that I'm partial to dogs. Unlike cats and hamsters, dogs at least know their names, usually come when called and are almost always eager to return your affection. The hamster only seemed to care about eating and pooping and with the cats it was always their way or the highway.


Barb and I often talk about adopting another dog when we get too old to travel. Until then we'll have to continue to rely on other dog owners for our puppy fix. When we're at the store and folks pull up with dogs in their vehicles we ask permission to say hello. In the summer when we're up at the cottage we get to spend quality time with Lucy and Murphy.

Luce and Murph belong to our Big Bass Lake neighbor Sue Yeomans. Barb and I can't wait to begin going to the cottage again because we really miss Sue and her friendly and ultra lovable pups. Hell, by the time spring rolls around we even might be missing her friendly and ultra loquacious husband too.

Featured Wines of the Week

Pavette, 2019, Sauvignon Blanc, Washington state, $11.69/750ml- 90% Sauvignon Blanc & 10% Chenin Blanc from Columbia Valley AVA . TASTING NOTES :: Pale straw color with white flower, kaffir lime & thyme aromas. Melon flavors with a nectar texture and clean, zesty finish. Totally crushable. (Source)

Pavette, 2019, Pinot noir, California, $11.69/750ml- 100% Pinot Noir from Sonoma Coast (32%), Anderson Valley (27%), Santa Rita Hills (23%), Santa Lucia Highlands (13%), & Carneros (5%). TASTING NOTES :: Packed with classic Pinot Noir flavors of sweet red fruits - cherry, raspberry, & hibiscus. Rich, fruity, & lush with subtle spice and tea undertones. (Source)

Pavette, 2018, Cabernet Sauvignon, California, $11.69/750ml- 92% Cabernet Sauvignon & 8% Merlot from Lodi AVA. TASTING NOTES :: Classic Cabernet character with briar patch fruit, dark cherry, toasted vanilla, black pepper, and cedar notes. Deep, juicy core with soft tannins. (Source)

Botijo Rojo, 2018, Garnacha, Spain, *Organic* $14.79/750ml- “The unoaked red 2018 Botijo Rojo Garnacha was produced with grapes from 25 hectares of vineyards ranging between 20 and 50 years of age (they used to do a separate old-vine cuvée, but it was discontinued and those grapes are now here). It fermented in stainless steel and concrete with around 10% full clusters and matured in underground concrete vats for 10 months. It’s fruit-driven but with good complexity, with moderate alcohol, a mixture of red and white fruit with a touch of licorice, varietal, with a medium-bodied palate, fine tannins and a fruit-driven finish, with good tension (is it the stems?). A very good vintage (the best so far?) for this bottling.” - Luis Gutierrez (Source)

Buy three or more bottles of wine get 10 % off.

"It's our mission at Siciliano's to sell quality wine at affordable prices."

Featured Spirits of the Week

Town Branch, Rye Whiskey, Kentucky, $51.59/750ml- 100 proof with a Mash Bill of 55% Rye, 30% Corn, 15% Malted Barley. As the original spirit in a Whiskey Sour or an Old-Fashioned, rye whiskey is still chosen by the most discerning spirits connoisseurs for its spicy, robust flavor. Enjoy the spicy floral aroma, then the light, spicy rye notes of vanilla and oak, finishing with a peppery, warm, dry finish. (Source)

Town Branch, 7 year old single malt whiskey, Kentucky, $34.69/750ml- Bottled at 87 proof and non-chill filtered, this Kentucky single malt whiskey delivers an exceptionally balanced whiskey with a medium body. A smooth finish with long-lingering flavors of spice and dried fruit are brought to the surface with a drop or two of branch water. Tasting notes: A sweet cereal nose with notes of molasses, vanilla, brown sugar and nutmeg. (Source)

Filibuster Distillery, Single Barrel Straight Bourbon, Virginia, $47.19/750ml- Filibuster Single Estate Bourbon is one of the finest whiskeys from our distillery released to date. This special, 2019 limited-edition release was created from one farm, one distillery and one barrel in order to achieve the ultimate bold yet balanced flavor.

  • Proof : 110-120

  • Color: Deep Amber

  • Aroma: A deep, satisfying nose of nutmeg, baking spice and brown butter

  • Taste: Juicy stone fruits with toffee candy

  • Finish: A medium finish composed of returning corn and nutmeg flavors

  • Sipping Suggestion: Best enjoyed on the rocks (Source)

Filibuster Distillery, The Boondoggler Whiskey, Virginia, $41.29/750ml- Filibuster Boondoggler Whiskey is far from traditional. Finished in five different barrels, this expression takes unique qualities from its aging process to form a complex yet well-balanced liquid. The wholly approach makes this whiskey neither a bourbon nor a rye.

Age : 3 to 4 years

  • Proof : 90

  • Color : Medium Amber

  • Aroma : Dried fruit with cherry, caramel, light vanilla and warm toast on the nose

  • Taste : Simple and sweet, high rye notes of grain spice, cereal and baking chocolate

  • Finish : Balanced and warm, finishes quickly

  • Sipping Suggestion : Best enjoyed as a base to a cocktail (Source)

New and Returning Products

Arclight Hypnosauce, $4.99/16oz - New England style Double India Pale Ale hopped with Citra and Motueka hops. (Source)

Brew Detroit Coco Cocoa, $4.39/16oz - A delicious and decadent imperial stout brewed with toasted coconut, cacao nibs, and lactose. This dessert stout will take care of that sweet tooth, while showing you it means business. (Source)

Fairstate Sastrugi, $4.19/16oz - Double Dry-hopped hazy IPA collaboration with Burial Beer (Asheville, NC). Cool-fermented with an expressive German ale yeast and hopped extensively with hand-selected Mosaic Cryo, Strata and Columbus Cryo. Lightly dank, intensely tropical and fruity. (Source)

Fairstate Union Lager, $3.29/16oz - Collaboration with Schell’s Brewery to celebrate solidarity. (Source)

Farm Club Country Ale with Heirloom Corn, $2.79/12oz - Brewed with heirloom red corn organically grown by Granor Farm in Three Oaks, MI. Yeast collected from a wild pear tree at Farm Club. (Source)

Hopewell Aerial, $5.09/16oz - Aerial is a Double IPA brewed with Ekuanot, Talus and Mandarina Bavaria hops. Punchy and bright with an enticing balance of flavors that includes pineapple, citrus rind, melon, papaya and pine resin. (Source)

Hopewell Do Tell, $3.29/16oz - Do Tell is a Dunkelweizen that draws its inspiration from those made in the historic brewing region of Bavaria. Dark malts and weizen yeast combine for notes of banana bread, caramel and spice, while a large dose of wheat offers a creamy, fluffy body to back it all up. (Source)

Hopewell Erde, $3.29/16oz - Erde is a German-style Pilsner that takes cues from various interpretations seen across the country. A crisp malt character meets a delicate-yet-assertive noble hop presence, striking a quaffable balance that is the hallmark of the style. (Source)

Hopewell Pub Culture, $3.29/16oz - Pub Culture is an English-style Porter brewed with British malts, hops and yeast. Satisfyingly rich with notes of toffee, caramel and chocolate, balanced by a touch of red fruit and a dash of floral hops. An ale to be poured by the pint. (Source)

Hopewell Zippy Ripper, $4.09/16oz - Zippy Ripper is a Gose-style Sour Ale brewed with kiwi, watermelon and sea salt. A juicy combo of fruit is enlivened by vibrant tartness and bright minerality, forming an easy refresher that may disappear just as quickly as it arrives. In other words: it rips. (Source)

Illuminated Yes! H&nd, $5.79/16oz - We brewed up a massive imperial golden base beer and then layered it with additions of peach puree, fresh cinnamon, vanilla, and a touch of pecan pie. Keep warm, stay safe, and enjoy with people you trust! (Source)

Lo Rez Far North Declaration, $6.49/12oz - Lo Rez Brewing, a Pilsen neighborhood brewery, and Får North Spirits, a field-to-glass distillery in Minnesota, collaborated to put Public Declaration Russian imperial stout into Roknar rye whiskey barrels...creating a smooth, spice-y, and vanilla-y barrel aged stout. (Source)

Lo Rez Oak Aged Mesa Fault, $4.89/12oz - Oak aged wee heavy ale with morita chile peppers. (Source)

Lo Rez Passion Fruit Shortcut, $4.09/16oz - Sour - Fruited Berliner Weisse

Modern Times Black House Coffee Stout, $3.49/16oz - It’s so great that you like coffee. I just love that about you. Speaking of which, you’re holding an oatmeal coffee stout positively redolent with coffee aroma and flavor. It’s not acrid. It’s not astringent. It doesn’t taste like that brown puddle at the bottom of the office carafe at 4pm. It kind of tastes like chocolate covered espresso beans, only drier and more like beer. It’s the full-blown coffee beer experience in a sessionable-ish package. (Source)

Modern Times Black House Vanilla Latte, $5.99/19.2oz - We lavished this boss-level iteration of our beloved coffee oatmeal stout with a generous helping a vanilla, and upped the ante even further by loading it with even more of our world-class house-roasted coffee. The progeny of this blessed union is a jaw-droopingly smooth adult beverage that absolutely sings with the roasty radness and vanilla magic, and it’s all at your lucky little fingertips. Prepare to be enchanted. (Source)

Modern Times Caliban, $4.29/16oz - Fact: Nelson hops are super bomb. To that end, we’ll be applying them liberally—alongside some Crystal & Simcoe—to this Festivus miracle. We expect a profile replete with bright tropical fruit, berries, lemon, and crisp citrus that’s practically guaranteed to improve any holiday party it attends. (Source)

Modern Times Fruitland Passion Fruit Guave, $3.89/16oz - Fruitlands is tart, fruity, & frighteningly delicious. The sour, salty base beer lays down the funky refreshment, while a heavy dose of passion fruit and guava turns the whole thing into a wall-to-wall tropical fruit fiesta. It’s a marvelous mix of elements that collides with your mouth like a fruit-filled asteroid of flavor traveling at the supersonic speed of party. (Source)

Modern Times Fruitlands Rose, $3.89/16oz - Fruitlands is tart, fruity, and frighteningly delicious. The sour, salty base beer lays the funky refreshment, while generous additions of cherries, raspberries, cranberries, and lemon transform the whole thing into a wall-to-wall fruit fiesta. It's a marvelous mix of elements that collides with your mouth like a fruit-filled asteroid of flavor traveling at the supersonic speed of party. (Source)

Modern Times Fruitlands Strawberry Limeade, $5.99/19.2oz - Fruitlands is tart, fruity, and frightfully delicious. The sour, salty base beer lays down a stellar foundation for heavy doses of strawberry, lime, and hibiscus, making for a stupendously successful, fruit-lead flavor expedition. It's a marvelous mix of elements that collides with your mouth like a fruit-filled asteroid of flavor traveling at the supersonic speed of party. (Source)

Modern Times Mythic Worlds, $3.89/16oz - Brewed with Galaxy, Motueka, Mosaic, and Sultana. (Source)

Modern Times Orderville, $3.89/16oz - Hazy Mosaic IPA. Our most palate-crushing IPA to date, Orderville is a sledgehammer of dankness wrapped in a velvety peach pillow, underscored by a dry, chilled out malt bill that keeps your attention focused on the hop fireworks exploding in your mouth. The hop schedule features prominent Mosaic along with a wide assortment of piney, resinous varieties, resulting in a beautiful hop saturation that carries through from aroma to finish. (Source)

New Holland Drangon's Milk Peanut Butter, $4.89/12oz - Dragons Milk with Peanut Butter.

Off Color Coffee Dino S'more, $5.69/16oz - Stout brewed with Cacao Nibs, Coffee and natural flavors. (Source)

Prairie Cocoa Berry, $5.49/12oz - Imperial Pastry Sour with raspberry, blueberry, grapefruit, cacao nibs, and toasted marshmallow. (Source)

Prairie You Gotta Horchata, $9.79/12oz - Collaboration with The Open Bottle. Imperial Stout with Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Sugar. Warm up this winter with our newest stout, You Gotta Horchata! This treat is packed with cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar and will satisfy your craving whether it's sweet or boozy! (Source)

Schilling Dorst, $3.29/16oz - Dörst is a double-decocted, imminently sessionable Pilsner. Notes of cracker and sourdough bread crust dominate, and the yeast lends a very light tartness. Alsatian-grown Triskel hops provide a subtle, rounded citrus note to this delicate yet complex beer. (Source)

Shorts Batch 12000, $4.09/16oz - Imperial Stout aged on oak chips and pomegranate. (Source)

Untitled Art Peaches ala Mode, $5.19/16oz - Berliner Weisse Style Ale With Peach, Apricot, Cinnamon & Graham Cracker. (Source)

Untitled Art/Neon Raptor Bananas Foster, $4.89/12oz - Smoothie Stout brewed with our friend's across the pond: Neon Raptor. This bad boy uses a boat load of banana puree and we top it off with cinnamon, vanilla and milk sugar, all brewed on an open flame to incorporate the true foster's experience. (Source)

Upper Hand IPA, $1.79/12oz - Our debut IPA has West Coast roots, but fresh coast heart. Dry-hopped Amarillo and Mosaic hops impart a punchy, tropical aroma and staunchly bitter flavor. A uniquely balanced finish helps Upper Hand IPA stand out in the massive sea of IPAs. (Source)

Upper hand Light, $1.59/12oz - Upper Hand Light is brewed with 100% barley malt, giving it a fuller, more authentic malt flavor than your standard American Light Lager. Upper Hand Light is clean, and light on the palate. (Source)

Urban Artifact Mixing Machine, $3.59/12oz - Mixed Berry midwest fruit tart made with Cherries, Blueberries, Red Raspberries, and Blackberries. (Source)

Urban Artifact Pinwheel Orange Gose, $2.49/12oz - Gose brewed with 500 lbs of oranges, 22 lbs of sea salt, 1 lb of coriander & 30 g of vanilla beans per 30 BBL batch. (Source)

Stay safe. Please wear a face covering in indoor public spaces. Spread kindness not germs!

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