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Siciliano's Market News, January 27, 2022 Edition

This week's list of new and returning products follows a few words about a four day wine sale

Preamble by Steve Siciliano

If you blew through your wine stash during the holidays we've got some exciting news for you. Beginning today and running through the end of business on Monday, January 31 we will be offering a 15% discount on purchases of six or more bottles from our well stocked wine room. Had your eye on a few high end bottles but weren't quite ready to pony up the big bucks? Include them in your six pack and get 15% off.

In preparation for this incredible four day sale we have brought in a number of cases of quality wine at some very affordable prices. Come on in and check them out!

New and Returning Products

450 North Phoenix Tears, $7.59/16oz-Phoenix Tears, a DDH QUADRUPLE IPA, is a very limited end of the year release! We put the most hops we have ever put into a beer, about 15 lbs per barrel of Galaxy, Citra Cryo, Mosaic and Amarillo, and a final dry hop of all Galaxy.

450 North Slushmallow Abomination, $9.79/16oz-

450 North Slushy Dragon's Breath, $9.79/16oz-Dragon's Breath is conditioned on Dragonfruit, Passionfruit and Guava.

450 North Slushy XL Peach Rings, $8.69/16oz-Fruited sour conditioned on over 1,000lbs of peaches.

450 North Slushy XL Sour Worms, $8.69/16oz-Sour Worms is conditioned on massive amounts of Tart Cherry, Lime, Peach and Passionfruit.

Atwater Mint Double Decadent, $3.59 /16oz-Mint chocolate ale

Austin Brother's Hazy Depths, $1.99/12oz-Featuring Citra and Michigan Copper Hops (grown right down the road by our friends at 45th Parallel Hops), Hazy Depths is a juicy, unfiltered Double IPA. Not overly bitter, with a smooth delivery of tropical hop flavors and aromas.

Bells Box of Hearts, $19.99 /12pk-Cold Hearted, Two Hearted, Light Hearted or Black Hearted - whatever state you're in, grab a beer, and pass the one that suits your friend to them. Or, maybe try it yourself. A little change of heart isn't always so bad. Cold Hearted and Black Hearted are available exclusively in the 2022 Box of Hearts Variety Pack.

Black Rocks Super Deluxe, $2.19 /12oz-Bready, malty aroma with a hint of spicy hops. Crisp, clean German Lager.

Great Divide Coffee Porter, $2.79 /12oz-No shortcuts were taken to create this perfect pairing of coffee and beer. Whiskey barrels that once held Yeti Imperial Stout were filled with green coffee beans sourced from Mexico and provided by our favorite local purveyor, Pablo’s Coffee. Once the beans were infused with characteristics of both barrel and Yeti, they were roasted and integrated into the coffee porter you hold in your hand.

Great Lakes lake Erie Monster, $3.59 /16oz-Issue a small craft advisory: this South Bay Bessie-inspired brew unleashes a beastly hop attack amid torrid tropical fruit flavors.

Griffen Claw Soupy C, $2.79 /16oz-Brewed with Cinnamon, premium caramel, Italian espresso, & lactose. This milk stout is super rich and silky with subtle but not overpowering cinnamon spice and a sweet velvety coating of caramel flavor on the palate before the robust roast of the malted barley and espresso makes its presence. This was a fun one to make and impatiently wait for, we’re glad to finally make it available to the world after many quality control tastes from the tank.

Ground Breaker Huge Moster Hazy, $4.89 /16oz-A gluten-free double dry hopped kveik hazy IPA.

Hopewell Per Diem, $3.59 /16oz-Per Diem is a Dry-hopped Pilsner, a far-out fusion of the old and new school. Balancing Czech-style malt body and roundness with the lifting vibrancy of a noble dry-hop, this modern lager eschews tradition in favor of delightfully twisting expectations.

Japas Masks Variety pack, $19.79 /4pk

Jeng & Tonic CBD Cocktail, $5.19 /12oz

Jolly Pumpkin IO, $3.69 /16oz-Ale Brewed with Rose Hips, Rose Petals, and Hibiscus. Let's face it, Beer is an art form that excites our senses and stirs our imagination. This truth gave Jolly Pumpkin an idea. We'd create a limited series of beer by throwing caution to the wind and following our creative muse no matter where it leads. This is how we discovered Baudelaire Beer. A romantic world, dimly lit by distant memory, yet alive and inspiring us to pursue beauty at any cost. In the world of Baudelaire, label and beer come together in character and art influencing the drinker to take upon the spirit of creativity and fun. Let the muse guide you. "A breath of air from the wings of madness." ~Baudelaire

Modern Time Fractal Realm, $5.09 /16oz

New Belgium Agent 77, $1.99/12oz

Off Color Coffee Dino Smore, $5.69/12oz

Off Color KiloBeer, $3.29/16oz-Celebrating our 1,000th batch of beer, we pitted Belgian saison yeast against French farmhouse ale yeast. Echoing the constant bickering between Belgium’s French and Flemish speaking regions, we let these two yeasts duke it out in a rustic cousin of farmhouse ales from the mining regions of Belgium known as "Grisette" where they created complex notes of black pepper, intense pear, and bubblegum with a dry, spritzy finish.

Perrin Imperial Fudge Cake Stout, $2.49/12oz-Brewed with Beer City Bread's Mackinaw Island Fudge Cakes thrown directly into the mash!

Roak Devil Dog Mix Pack, $17.99/12pk

Rockford Sheehan Stout, $2.39 /12oz-This is a very smooth and creamy, yet dry, roasty stout. It has the delicate aroma of fresh chocolate and fresh barley. The flavor is well balanced with the subtle fruity characteristics of an Irish Ale yeast fermentation and rich layers of chocolate, coffee, and dry roasted malts.

Saugatuck Maggie's Irish Ale, $ 1.89/12oz-A beautiful mahogany color and well rounded flavors of caramel and tea with subtle hints of malt and a dry finish.

Short Fuze Pina Colada for Goodness Shakes, $ 4.89/16oz-Variant of our milkshake IPA series. This one has toasted coconut and pineapple puree to replicate a pina colada.

Single Cut Plaintop Pils, $3.79 /16oz-SUBTLE IS BEAUTIFUL. This new year-round pilsner is brewed with a unique combination of New Zealand, Czech and PNW hops and the absolute finest European malt. Finely detailed, refined, crisp, dry.

Smooj Painkiller, $4.89/12oz-Heavily fruited hard seltzer, loaded with all natural pineapple, orange, coconut, & nutmeg. technically a seltzer... but with a thick, smoothie-like, texture.

Transient Hazy Like A Fox, $3.79/16oz-IPA - New England / Hazy

Transient Helplessly Hoppin, $4.89/16oz-IPA - Imperial / Double

Upper Hand Barrel Aged SISU, $3.49 /12oz

Urban Artifact Chariot Cherry, $ /12oz-Cherry gose with cocoa nibs, lactose, and cinnamon.

Urban Artifact Harrow, $2.49 /12oz-Our Gose comes from a deep German brewing heritage. A bready fragrance with citrusy esters compliment flavors of biscuit, salt, and a refreshing tartness.

Urban Artifact Love Letter Peach, $3.59 /12oz-Our peach midwest fruit tart, Love Letter, made with over 3,200lbs of peaches per 30bbl batch is made even creamier with this whole vanilla bean variant.

Urban Artifact Misrule, $ 2.49/12oz-Cranberry chocolate fruit tart

Brewery Nyx Stout, $6.99/16oz-100% gluten free

Brewery Nyx Double IPA, $6.99/16oz-100% gluten free

Shorts Splurge, $2.89 /12oz-We $pared no expen$e with $plurge, a Double IPA that is lavi$hly hopped with $even different fancy a$$ hops - Simcoe, Citra, El Dorado, Azacca, Cascade, and Mosaic - for a slightly hazy, extra citrusty, super fruity and decadently tropical IPA that is shockingly smooth and incredibly indulgent. Treat yo’self!

Descriptions courtesy of Untappd

Limited quantities of Caduceus sangiovese, garnacha, tempranillo and red blend now in stock at Siciliano's

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