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Siciliano's Market News, March 25 Edition

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

This week's list of new and returning products follows a few words about opening the cottage

The first up north garage party of the season

Preamble by Steve Siciliano

When we rounded the last bend on Matson Road we immediately spotted our long haired, long bearded, lime green shorts wearing neighbor smoothing out the pot holes in his driveway. Instead of veering left to the cottage I drove straight up to Yeomans and rolled down the window. "Well this is a pleasant surprise," I said.

"Oh, it's you," Yeomans replied. "Why are you driving Barb's truck?"

"It's his truck now," Barb said. "The Avalanche was starting to nickle and dime us."

"That's right," I said. "She gets a new vehicle and I get her hand me down."

"You're going to have to take your fly rod apart now," Yeomans observed, eying the short box on the Colorado.


When we pulled into our pot hole free driveway a few moments later Lucy and Murphy bounded barking over from next door. Sue Yeomans heard the commotion and came outside to see what was up. We were excited to see Sue and the dogs but were disappointed to hear that she and the pooches were going back to Ohio the following morning.

Opening the cottage in the spring is always tinged with an air of uncertainty. You dial up the heat and pray that the furnace still works after five months of inactivity. You poke around the basement looking for those telltale signs that rodents took up residence during the absence of human habitation. You scan the joists for hanging bats, you try not to forget to close every spigot that you opened last fall and when you flip the switch on the pump you hope you don't hear your wife screaming upstairs that water is gushing from a busted pipe.

When I finished my reopening chores I got a nice fire going in the wood stove and after a quick and easy supper of cheesy chicken and rice, one of my favorites meals in the category of quick and easy, we had our after dinner tumblers of bourbon out in the garage. It felt good to be back up at the cottage.

The next morning before going to the Dublin General Store to restock our larders we stopped by my son Dominic's place. Dominic was up with two of his four children and his friend Joe was coming up later that day with his daughter. We made plans to get together that evening for supper, another quick and easy meal of breaded chicken on the grill, Italian salad, garlic bread and pasta with fresh tomato sauce. We called my brother Mark to see if he and his wife Barb wanted to join us. Mark and Barb also have a place on the lake. Mark volunteered to make the pasta.

It was an unseasonably warm late afternoon for mid March in Lake County. Everyone chipped in hauling the grill and the tables and chairs from the garage and setting them up on the deck. Bottles of wine were opened. I ribbed Mark for only bringing one pound of pasta, telling him that our mother and father were tsk, tsking him up in heaven. Mark made fun of my Covid pony tail. Yeomans came over with two long necked Strohs in a paper bag. We all made fun of his lime green shorts. He had been watching the NCAA tournament at Natahka until they ran out of his favorite brew and he was miffed that he had to drive to Irons for a few beers to take home. He declined to join us for supper, saying he didn't want to spend too much time hanging out with a bunch of Italians.

After supper we sat around the campfire. When it got too chilly we moved the party into the garage. On the way I caught a glance of Yeomans' flickering television screen through his living room window. I paused briefly to try to make out what was on the tube. "Look at this," I said to Joe. "He's effing watching The Three Stooges."

The next morning it took awhile for Barb and I to clean up the aftermath. Someone, I'm assuming Mark, threw two empty wine bottles on the lawn. There was no sign of life next door. Yeomans must have stayed up late binge watching the slapstick antics of Moe, Larry and Curly.

Featured Wines of the Week

Chateau Campot Lafont, Bordeaux, 2018, France, $9.99/750ml- Blend of 55% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Franc & 25% Cabernet Sauv. Deep ruby color, this wine offers a nose with complex aromas of red fruits, mingled with toasted and roasted notes. The elegant mouth is based on silky but also think tannins. The finish is fresh and aromatic. (Source)

Pagos del Galir, Godello, Spain, $18.69/750ml- Lemon color, clean and shiny. Intense nose, white fruit, bush, stones. Fresh in the mouth, silky, elegant, balanced, fresh. (Source)

Tilia, 2019, Torrontes, Argentina, $10.89/750ml- The nose offers aromatic notes white flower and citrus fruits. On the palate, fresh flavors of white peach and lemon give way to grapefruit, Mirabelle plum, and fennel. It finishes with a refreshingly bright acidity. (Source)

Jaume Serra Cristalino, Brut Cava, Spain, $9.99/750ml- Jaume Serra Cristalino Cava Brut is a delightful sparkling wine from the Penedes region of northeast Spain. It is made from the grape varietals Macabeo 50%, Parellada 35% and Xarello 15%. Spending 18 months on the lees, this refreshing sparkler offers a fine alternative to Champagne at a fraction of the price. Wine & Spirits gave Cristalino Brut a 91-point rating! Jaume Serra Cristalino Cava Brut is bright green-gold in color with fine bubbles. It shows pleasing aromas of green apples, peaches, toast, flowers, cinnamon and herbal notes. Crisp and bright, dry with medium-full body, this sparkling wine has rich flavors of apples, figs, lemon, roasted almonds and pie crust. It is fruit-forward and nicely balanced, with a clean, citrusy finish. (Source)

Buy three or more bottles of wine get 10 % off.

"It's our mission at Siciliano's to sell quality wine at affordable prices

Featured Spirits of the Week

Black Saddle, 12 year old Kentucky Bourbon, $48.39/750ml- The nose is on the light side, initially quite floral, but with a fruity component that emerges with time. The longer it spends in the glass, the more mint and barrel char aromas come to the fore. Fresh and lively on the tongue, there’s lots of fruit here, a fresh apple, citrus, and berry character mingling with notes of mint, and tobacco. The finish is a a bit muddy, almost gummy at times, but that doesn’t overly weigh down an otherwise solid experience. (Source)

Wyoming Whiskey, Double Cask, Wyoming, $68.39/750ml- This Double Cask whiskey goes through the process twice. The first five years of maturation in a new charred oak barrel makes it a bourbon. That bourbon then experiences secondary maturation in decades-old casks seasoned by Pedro Ximenez sherry that adds a touch of sweetness, and yields a smooth and impressively complex spirit.

COLOR: copper to mahogany

NOSE: autumnal notes of dried apricot, mission fig, and dried date

PALATE: stewed prune and black raisin, with hints of candied orange peel; vanilla butter cream and toffee underneath

MOUTHFEEL: rich, sticky cinnamon roll with raisins and spice

FINISH: dark dried fruit, followed by warming brown baking spices

Journeyman Distillery, Not A King Rye, Michigan, $52.59/750ml- Not a King Rye is a tribute to George Washington, who was not only our first president, but also one of America’s first distillers. After his victory over the British, he was celebrated by the masses as the first King of America. Washington famously stated that he was “Not a King”. This is a limited release whiskey made available on Presidents Day each year. Single-distillation from 60% organic rye / 40% organic corn

Tasting Notes: Hints of sweet honey, fruity accent with a creamy buttery body, caramel, banana, burnt sugars. (Source)

1792, Full Proof, Kentucky Straight Bourbon, $49.49/750ml- Bourbon insiders have long acknowledged that full proof bourbon has a distinguished and rich flavor. This bourbon underwent a distinct filtering process,forgoing the typical chill filtration and passing only through a plate and frame filter. This allowed the bourbon to maintain a robust proof for bottling, as well as a full, rich and bold flavor. Bottled at its original 125 barrel entry proof, just as it was years ago when the barrels were first filled, 1792 Full Proof Bourbon is exceptionally distinct.

TASTING NOTES: Strong and full of flavor, this bold bourbon boasts an incredible deep and smoky taste, superbly balanced with sweet vanilla and notes of caramel. (Source)

New and Returning Products

Abita Chocolate Doberge Stout, $2.39/12oz - Stout - Milk / Sweet

Aslin Disco Turkey, $4.69/16oz - Loaded with Citra, Mosaic, Motueka & Amarillo hops for a beer that’s packed with big, flashy notes of citrusy, ripe mandarin orange & grapefruit, as well as more sweet, tropical flavors like juicy mango. The hops in this hazy are all about showing off their bright, juicy, citrusy fruit flavor that makes drinking this one an absolute breeze! (Source)

Aslin Neo Blast, $5.69/16oz - Hopped with Citra, Sabro and Sultana. If we didn’t know any better we’d swear this was pineapple chunks in a can! Delivers huge aromas of ripe pineapple courtesy of the Sultana hops, with rich flavors of creamy tropical fruit, citrus, ripe berries and a delicate touch of pine. (Source)

Aslin Prolly, $5.69/16oz - If you were as geeked as we were on our all Strata hopped beer, Maybe, then you def need to try this amped up version. Coming to you in the form of a DIPA, this beer is exclusively & aggressively hopped with Strata, giving off complex aromas & flavors of grapefruit, strawberry, passion fruit & a finishing dankness. You’re Prolly gonna want this. (Source)

Aslin Saule, $2.99/16oz - Baltic Porters use lager yeast, lending itself to a cleaner taste & Saulé is a perfect example of that. This a roasty, chocolatey treat with notes of hazelnut & cocoa nibs with a clean finish. (Source)

Aslin Velocirabbit, $3.79/16oz - The ancient ancestor of the modern day Kangaroo, a VelociRabbit was notorious for herding large amounts of Beach Chickens to their demise. This lower ABV IPA is the little brother of Laser Raptors. Using the same amounts of Mosaic, Simcoe and Chinook as Laser Raptors, this beer has a powerful berry aroma and nice pine note. The oats and wheat maintain the creamy mouthfeel that Laser Raptors is known for lending the lower ABV the ability to make a crispy break just as the hops surprise your palate. (Source)

Big Lake Cerveza del Lago, $3.19/16oz - Lager - American

Big Lake Lemonade Beer, $3.19/16oz - Fruit Beer

Black Project Blackjack, $5.99/16oz - Sour Ale w/ Black Currant

Brooklyn Summer, $1.89/12oz - Summer in Brooklyn is all about following your impulses, winging it from beaches and barbecues to stoops and rooftops. Brooklyn Summer Ale is a refreshing, flavorful pale ale made to accompany you on all your warm weather adventures. (Source)

Decadent Fruit machine Kiwi/Strawberry/Lemon, $5.49/16oz - A 6.1% gose style ale, with Kiwi, Strawberries and lemons. Refreshing! (Source)

Deschutes Squeezy Rider, $1.99/12oz - Big tropical fruit punch aroma, light dank, and melon paired with clean, light malt character. Hop and yeast-driven fruity sweetness balanced with a bitterness that is laid back, leaving you care-less about IBU's. (Source)

Founders 4 Giants, $2.99/16oz - We’ve made a lot of imperial IPAs over the years and, in turn, have had a lot of arguments over which one is the absolute best. So, to settle this once and for all, our brewers mashed up four of our favorite recipes into the ultimate imperial IPA. 4 Giants boasts aggressive bitterness balanced by a malty, sweet backbone while huge aromatics come courtesy of the seven American hop varieties. (Source)

Founders Nemesis, $2.99/12oz - Barleywine - American

Grand Armory Session 4.20, $2.19/12oz - IPA - Session / India Session Ale

Lo Rez Position Zero, $3.89/16oz - With a clear hop presence throughout, this low bitterness and smooth Crystal dry-hopped APA gives spicy/floral hop expression in the flavor and aroma. Medium body makes it easy to get after a second... and a third. (Source)

Mikkeller Always Summer, $5.59/16oz - West Coast Style Double India Pale Ale brewed with Simcoe, Citra, and Zappa hops. Sometimes we all need a bit of sunshine - Always Summer brings smiles for us all! A classically-inspired West Coast IPA, the glass is jumping with pomelo, grapefruit, and sweet mango aromas. Medium bitterness and relatively dry, Always Summer reminds us of the good things in life. Enjoy a pint, or more. (Source)

Mikkeller Burst, $2.99/16oz - Lip smacking and bursting at the seams. Burst IPA pops with a slight bubble gum aroma followed by fresh citrus and orange pith. Light to medium body finishing with a juicy grapefruit bitterness. (Source)

North Peak Archangel, $1.89/12oz - North Peak Archangel is an American wheat beer brewed with Michigan cherries. Subtly hopped with Perle and Vanguard hops, Archangel is refreshing, clean and crisp. Just what you need to bring in the Michigan summer weather. (Source)

Oddside Caramel Bean Flicker, $1.99/12oz - Blonde Ale

Oddside El Dankerino, $2.59/12oz - This west coast style DIPA packs a hoppy punch with a smooth, citrusy finish. Brewed with Citra, Amarillo and Simcoe hops, this is sure to please even the hoppiest hop head. (Source)

Ommegang Neon Lights, $3.59/16oz - Let those neon lights shine with our delightfully hoppy hazy session IPA. (Source)

Ommegang Neon Rainbows, $3.59/16oz - Neon Rainbows is our tribute to the beautifully hazy, juice-bomb IPA's exploding out of the North East in the last 5 years. We brew Neon Rainbows in small batches with very limited distribution to ensure absolute freshness. If you see it in a store, don't hesitate to grab some, it won't be there for long! (Source)

Prairie Spectrum, $3.29/12oz - Prairie Spectrum is a golden farmhouse ale conditioned on hibiscus tea. Its dark red color is a result of the hibiscus, which also adds herbal and tropical fruit flavors to this tart beer. (Source)

Roak Ice Cream Man, $3.19/16oz - Summer time is here and so is the Ice Cream Man, a kettle sour ale with aromas of orange and vanilla leading into a slightly sweet tartness that is balanced and refreshing. (Source)

Saugatuck Cotton Mouth Quencher, $1.89/12oz - A tart and funky sour ale with blackberry overtones. (Source)

Shiner Ruby Redbird, $1.79/12oz - Real Texas Ruby Red grapefruit from the Rio Grande Valley combines with a hint of ginger to give this brew a bold and slightly tart flavor. Combining Citra and Golding hops amps up the fruity aromas, while the malt bill of Munich malt, malted wheat, and two row barley delivers a smooth, refreshing finish. (Source)

Short Throw Treachery of Fruit mango/Apricot, $5.49/16oz - The Treachery of Fruit: Mango & Apricot is another banger in our fruited gose stlye series. We acidify and ferment a traditional gose style ale; tart, light, with a touch of salinity. After fermentation, we added copious amounts of the finest mango & apricot purees to replace some sweetness, which also provides its unique color and texture. If you enjoy when beer meets puree, then this is your jam. (Source)

Stone Enjoy by 4/20, $3.19/12oz - Every year, many people (for varying reasons) count down the days until April 20th. It seems the date holds a special place in the hearts of certain folks. For us, the weeks leading up mean one of our favorite Stone Enjoy By IPA beers is available. But for the first time in a century, when April 2020 arrives, the calendar will read 4/20 for an entire month. That’s 30 full days of celebrating the glory of those magical resinous green buds we call hops. This uber-fresh, specifically-brewed-not-to-last double IPA is the perfect way to pay homage to our favorite brewing ingredient. We recommend getting your hands on it before it goes up in… well, you get it. (Source)

Transient Poppin' Pastel, Guava, $4.39/16oz - Sour - Fruited

Untitled Art Double Chocolate Fudgy Brownie, $5.89/12oz - Heavy chocolatey fudgy boozy. (Source)

Untitled Art Hazier Triple IPA V.3, $5.19/16oz - Triple India Pale Ale with Vic Secret, Mosaic, Riwaka, Citra, and Nelson Sauvin hops. Artwork by Leo Salazar. (Source)

Untitled Art Pixie Orange Lave, $4.69/16oz - Hard seltzer

Urban Artifact Blackberry Raspberry Astronaut Food, $9.69/12oz - This debut release in our new line of beers contains 600 lbs of freeze-dried red raspberries

and 400 lbs of freeze-dried blackberries per 1,000 gallon batch. This is the equivalent of roughly 11,000 lbs of fruit when fresh! (Source)

Urban Artifact Squeezebox Strawberry, $3.59/12oz - A variant of the original Squeezbox. Squeezebox with extra vanilla beans, lactose and toasted oats ? (Source)

Stay safe. Please wear a face covering in indoor public spaces. Spread kindness not germs!

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