Siciliano's Market News, May 28 Edition

A few words on the first days of our phased reopening

By Steve Siciliano

We reopened to the public this past Monday and within minutes of turning on the lights we had our first walk-in customer in weeks. “Good morning,” I called out to him. “How can I help?”

“Need some cigars,” the masked gentleman said. “Two Brick House Mighty Mighty maduro, por favor.”

“You got it,” I said and went into the humidor to grab his smokes.

“It’s sure nice being able to come in the store again,” the customer said while I rang up his sale.

“It’s sure nice having you back in,” I responded.

A short time later Kati and I watched as another masked man was getting out of his vehicle. “Is that Cider Mike?” Kati asked.

“I'm pretty sure it is,” I said.

“It’s good to kind of see your ugly face again,” Mike said to me as he made his way over to the cider cooler. “Same to you,” I shot back, my smile obscured by my Orvis Coolnet Buff.