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Siciliano's Market News, November 18, 2021 Edition

This week's list of new and returning products follows a few words about a cat named Amelia

Guest preamble by B.C.

After my father died I made a commitment to spend more time with my mother. My wife and I would have her over once or twice a year and I’d try to make the 100 mile drive to see mom at least once a month.

When mom was at our house we’d spend our time talking about family history, sipping wine and listening to the Tommy Dorsey Pandora station. We came up with many suitable solutions for the world’s problems despite the fact that we knew no one would listen.

When I would make the drive across the state to visit mom, the routine became familiar. We’d go out to lunch, then I’d ask her if she wanted to go for a ride. Asking was merely a formality since the answer was always “yes.” The highlight of those drives would be our brief visits to the farm on Nichols Road where she spent her childhood.

Those visits were a real treat for me. I had never seen the farm before my father’s passing. I had never known either of my grandfathers. The feeling I got from these brief glimpses into my family’s past was indescribable. A measurable part of the excitement for mom was that the owners of the property were doing a thorough restoration. During various visits we saw new windows going in, siding, even a metal roof. Mom was too frail to climb the porch steps. I was more than happy to inquisitively peek in through the windows to get a glimpse of the setting of so many stories.

Oh the stories! I was told that Grandpa J. had a cistern of water on the third floor fed by a windmill pump that allowed for running water. There was homework by the smoky light of a kerosene lamp. A circle driveway made it easier for the milk trucks. Trimming cat whiskers. Ice skating on the creek adjacent to the property, homemade steps over the fence to make the walk to school a bit easier. Thrashing parties. Polish weddings. Outdoor plumbing. The stuff of life!

When my mom died she was surrounded by all of her children. Shortly after she passed, my wife and I began noticing a beautiful black cat hunting along the small creek in our backyard. “It’s mom checking up on me,” I would say at first .After a while I began to believe it. The meticulously groomed black fur coat, the light green eyes, the air of dignity. Somehow that cat could shoot me the same discerning look mom gave me to silently let me know that my teasing her about being vain was not at all appreciated.

Months passed before we saw black kitty again. Cathy and I always assumed she had a home because she just didn’t look like a feral cat. I resigned myself to the fact that I would never see her again.

Last weekend we had a modest family reunion. After a fine few days

of food, drink, laughter and reminiscing, folks departed for their own homes. Following an initial post party clean-up I grabbed a beer and headed for the couch. As I passed by the bank of windows in the family room, I saw black kitty hunting along the creek. It was as if she had returned to acknowledge her approval of our little family get together. That’s when I decided to name the cat Amelia.

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Featured Wines of the Week

Heavyweight, Knockout red blend, California, $11.99/750ml- Dark, rich berry, cherry and plum flavors with a soft satin finish. (Source)

Heavyweight, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2017, California, $11.99/750ml- Rich flavors, oak spice, vanilla, smooth tannins. (Source)

Buy three or more bottles of wine get 10 % off.

"It's our mission at Siciliano's to sell quality wine at affordable prices"

Featured Spirits of the Week

Crater Lake, Rock and Rye, Oregon, $21.09/750ml- Friends don’t let friends drink Fireball. That’s why we created this classic rye whiskey cocktail: the ideal camping and adventure companion. Whether you’re swapping stories around the campfire or simply watching the clouds roll by overhead, Crater Lake Rock & Rye will serve you well. Notes of dark cherry, blood orange, and bitters make for a carefree crowd pleaser. (Source)

Garrison Brothers, Balmorhea, Texas straight bourbon, $170.99/750ml- It gives us great pleasure to introduce the beautiful Balmorhea. This magnificent Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey is bold but majestically-crafted, having been aged four years in new American white oak barrels, then transferred to a second new American white oak barrel, and aged for one year. Simply put, this 2-time US Micro Whisky of the Year and San Francisco Double Gold winner is bourbon candy in a bottle. (Source)

New and Returning Products

Arbor Old Fashioned Jack, $2.99/12oz-Scottish Ale

Deschutes Jubelale, $1.79/12oz-A dark, malty celebration ale with layered flavors and beautifully balanced hopping. Jubelale pours deep garnet in color, medium bodied, with notes of chicory, earth, spice and fruit. To beer lovers, it’s like Yule fire and family. (Source)

Epic Big Bad Baptist, $11.49/22oz-One Big Bad Imperial Stout with Cocoa nibs and Coffee beans. Each season's release uses a different dark roasted coffee. (Source)

Epic Black Forest Big Bad Baptist, $19.59/22oz-Have you ever had a cake & drank it, too? Chocolate, ripe cherries, & fresh coconut are layered into this decadent beer. The Sammelsurium of ingredients coalesce into the liquid form of a classic German treat. Skip the dessert & reach for a bottle of Black Forest Cake. (Source)

Epic Chocolate Mint Big Bad Baptist, $19.59/22oz-Enyoy-Mint, Refresh-mint, Chocolate-Mint! Big Bad Baptist Chocolate Mint is made with fresh mint & a copious amount of cacao nibs. Notes of mint live in harmony with silky chocolate & coffee flavor. "Get the sensation" of Refresh-Mint with every sip. (Source)

Epic Double Jam Nig Bad Baptist, $19.59/22oz-

Goose Island Christmas IPA, $1.69/12oz-Christmas IPA is a malt forward IPA using 6 different hops throughout the process. Subtle stone fruit and wood notes balance with caramel malt on the palate dry-hopped with Meridian, Ahtanum, and Cashmere. It’s got a bit of an old school feel on the malt side with caramel malt and a lovely red hue to go wit the classic kettle hop backbone. Nicely balanced and dry, this little number dons a big fruity aroma. (Source)

Grand Armory Cloudy with a Chance of Hops, $2.79/12oz-Cloudy With a Chance of Hops is a New England style IPA. We use oats and wheat to give a balanced body to this double IPA. Amarillo, Falconer's Flight, Centennial and Citra come together to produce a juicy, fruity hop aroma and flavor that is low on bitterness, and big on flavor. (Source)

Great Divide Peach Milkshake, $2.79/12oz-IPA - Milkshake

Griffen Claw 3 Scrooges, $2.39/16oz-Brewed with Orange, Honey & Clove! NYUCK, NYUCK, NYUCK Bah Humbug! (Source)

Haymarket Defender, $2.39/16oz-Brewed with Roasted Barley, Chocolate Malt, Dark Crystal Malt and Oats then hopped and dry hopped with Cascade, Chinook, and Amarillo. This version is the original recipe from 2006 when Chicago's own Ray Daniels, founder of the Cicerone program, awarded it a GABF bronze medal and dinged it for 'being too hoppy'. It has since won 5 GABF and 4 WBC medals! Thanks Ray! (Source)

Kentucky Peppermint Porter, $3.79/12oz-Porter with chocolate and peppermint, aged in Bourbon Barrels with notes of bourbon, toffee compliment the roasted malts. Get ready for a peppermint patty taste in a barrel aged beer. (Source)

New Holland Hoptronix, $3.89/16oz-Hoptronix 1-ups the game with its galactic bitterness. Mosaic hops give this IPA a dank aroma, yet it finishes smooth and crisp. (Source)

O'Fallon Cherry Chocolate, $2.29/12oz-This mahogany-colored brew is filled with the flavors and aroma of a chocolate covered cherry. Slightly sweet, but not overpowering, this beer has a malty smoothness from the wheat malt. Subtle notes of sweet bready malt linger and balance the assertive cherry chocolate flavors. (Source)

O'Fallon Guilty Pleasure, $2.29/12oz-This velvety-smooth medium-bodied porter is brewed with chocolate malt, undutched cocoa powder and finished with natural strawberry flavor. Notes of milk chocolate and cocoa linger throughout and mingle with the strawberry for the perfect balance in this guilty pleasure. We were happy to brew this in collaboration with St. Louis based company Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Co., who is celebrating 40 years of business! (Source)

Oddside Cat in the Wall, $2.59/12oz-NE Style IPA

Roak BBA French Toast Devil Dog, $3.59/12oz-Stout - Oatmeal

Roak Little Saint Nick, $3.19/16oz-The tart intensity of this beer submits to a light edition of pink Himalayan sea salt. This gose subtly presents the complexity of the cranberry and offers a crisp sensation of malted white wheat to the palate. (Source)

Rothaus Pils, $2.89/12oz-Pilsner - German

Shorts Exterior Illumination, $2.59/12oz-Exterior Illumination is an American Sour Ale brewed with cranberries, black currants, and Northern Michigan blue spruce tips. Dark pink in color with a bright pink head, this beer leads with aromas of tart currant and cranberry followed by hints of spruce. The English Brambling Cross hops keep the beer from becoming overly sweet and balance nicely with the tart berry flavor. Lighter in body with a dry mouthfeel, the spruce flavors are prominent in the finish adding a nice complexity. Exterior Illumination finishes tart and dry. (Source)

Shorts Super Hoppy Holidays, $34.99/18pk

Speciation Pineapple Inception, $8.69/16oz

Speciation Trophic Cascade, $12.99/375ml-Oak Aged Sour w/ Blood Orange, Prickly Pear & Cascade Hops. (Source)

Surly Yummy Bear, $1.99/12oz-This west coast-inspired IPA is dry, bold, and hop-heavy–but with a twist. Yummi Bear swaps out the dank, resinous SoCal vibe for a bright, citrusy hop flavor and a hint of tropical fruit character. In other words, it’s Yummi. (Source)

Transient Agrarian, $3.79/16oz-Ddh ipa with rye, oat, & wheat

Transient Double Barrel Junie, $22.79/500ml-Imperial Rye Stout W/ Violet Sky Cocoa Nibs & Salted Caramel, Aged in Henry McKenna 10yr Bourbon BBL & Blis Maple Syrup BBL (has lactose) (Source)

Transient Junie, $14.19/500ml-Imperial stout with chocolate and salted caramel

Transient Life for a Puppy, $21.79/500ml-Eastern Kille & Breakfast Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Rye Stout with Cocoa Nibs & Salted Caramel. Contains Lactose. (Source)

Transient Prevenge, $3.79/16oz-Oat IPA

Transient Stay Chill, $4.39/16oz-Midwest Double IPA

Transient Swirl Life for a Puppy, $22.79/500ml-Rittenhouse Rye & Blis Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Rye Stout W/ Vanilla, Cocoa Nibs & Salted Caramel. (Source)


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