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Siciliano's Market News, October 22 Edition

This week's list of new and returning products follow a few words about the tedious chore of cleaning up fallen leaves

Preamble by Steve Siciliano

The boats are in storage and it's been too cold to hit the rivers so there hasn't been much to do around the cottage but cut fire wood and clean up the yard. My Husqvarna 135 Mark II X-Torq chainsaw and Stihl BR 700 backpack blower have been getting quite the workout lately. The chainsaw is relatively small (16" bar) and light weight (9.7 lbs.) but it's got enough guts to handle the big poplars behind the pole barn that got knocked down during a wind storm a few years ago.

The blower, on the other hand, is a real beast with its 3.8 bhp engine power, blowing force of 35 Newtons and maximum air velocity of 197 mph. It's on the heavy side (23.4 lbs.) which is also a downside because it puts an added strain on my aching back. But when it comes to leaf blowers I'm a firm believer in going big or going home.

I've had the Stihl for about four years now and while blowing leaves sure beats the hell out of raking leaves fall cleanup is still one of my least favorite chores. When I'm cleaning up at the cottage or in the backyard at home I can simply blow the leaves into the woods. The gazillion leaves that fall from the big maples in the front yard at home have to be loaded into the back of my truck and hauled away. I'm a fan of clean air but it would be so much easier to rake the leaves into low piles and burn them like we did back in the middle of the last century.

In the lower west side neighborhood where I grew up just about every house had a big tree in the narrow patch of lawn between the sidewalk and the street. When the leaves fell we would simply rake them to the curb and set them ablaze. There were still a few American chestnuts around that hadn't yet succumbed to the chestnut blight and we would gather up handfuls of the hard brown nuts and toss them in the fire. That's what I reminisced about while cleaning up the yard this past week-- the distinctive aroma of burning leaves and the sound of chestnuts steaming and popping in a curb side fire.

Featured Wines of the Week

Lunaria, 2018, Primitivo, Italy, (organic), $16.99/750ml- Bright ruby red color, in the nose plums, carobs, cherries. The palate is warm, fairly tannic, intense, with a red fruit jam finish. (Source)

Lunaria,, Montepulciano d'aruzzo, 2015, Italy, (organic), $16.99/750ml- Impenetrable ruby red color, the nose is intense of red fruit and black cherry jam, light notes of cocoa and toasted complete its bouquet. The palate is warm, fairly tannic, soft, intense, with the typical almond finish. (Source)

The Hess Collection, Lioness, 2017, Chardonnay, California, $67.49/750ml- “With this wine, we aim to craft a big, beautiful Napa Valley Chardonnay that showcases what our Estate vineyard is capable of producing. I am striving for texture and full flavors when I make the barrel selection, and am attracted to clones that produce fruit of low yields but tremendous quality. The Lioness is dynamic and beautifully balanced with a lush texture that is complemented by a core of acidity running throughout. Layered flavors of tropical fruit and a hint of smoke integrate with notes of nutmeg and almond. These delicious elements of toasty oak persist throughout a long satisfying finish.” (Source)

Buy three or more bottles of wine get 10 % off.

"It's our mission at Siciliano's to sell quality wine at affordable prices."

Featured Spirits of the Week

Gibson's Finest Rare, 12yr Whisky, Canada, $29.49/750ml- This is a particularly good example of Canadian Whisky and showcases everything Gibson’s can do. The nose opens with lots of malted notes and a healthy dose of oak wood. This makes for a deep and refined dram.

Citrus fruits and honey come in as well, further adding to the depth of the liquid, giving it a lovely sweet and tangy background for the duller notes of the malt to really show up against. The sugary notes make a kind of sounding board that the malted flavours bounce off and become fully formed by.The palate develops this further, bringing in more oak and sweeter vanilla flavours.A subtle spice enters the Whisky at this point, which brings warming tones of cinnamon and nutmeg. The citrusy orange flavours go especially well with this, and there is a nod towards a lovely moist Christmas cake.The body of the dram is heavy but not overwhelming. It melts over the taste buds and allows you to really get into it.The finish is long and lingering, with yet more citrus fruits and a little hint of caramel. (Source)

Lovoka, Caramel Liqueur, California, $8.39/750ml- Caramel is known for its soft and smooth contours whose essence derives from a creamy and delicious base. The soul of this spirit looks to combine a sophisticated alcoholic drink with an enjoyable and satisfactory after-taste. Infused with triple distilled premium vodka, this liqueur makes for an appetising after-meal drink, a delicious dessert topping, a refreshing iced cocktail and above all, a prized party starter. It is best served ice-cold but can be enjoyed at room temperature too. (Source)

Bone Snapper, Straight Rye Whiskey, Kentucky, $42.09/750ml- A Bone Snapper is something that gets your attention. Bone Snapper Rye is a rich, bold, spicy whiskey that should be sipped and savored. Enjoy on its own over ice or in your favorite cocktail. (Source)

New and Returning Products

Bells Cherry Stout, $2.99/12oz - Rather than doubling up on sweetness, this tart cherry varietal serves as a counterpoint to the warm, dark chocolate notes from the malt bill. Lightly hopped for balance, this stout is one of the cornerstones of our stout portfolio. (Source)

Bells Jingle Pack, $19.99/12pk - 4 each of Two Heated/Light Hearted/Official/Juicy Gossip

Blake's Cinnamon Donut Stout, $1.79/12oz - Brewed with Blake’s fresh Cinnamon donuts

Boulevard Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Porter , $4.59/12oz - This is the thickest porter we have ever brewed, made with copious amounts of lactose and brown sugar to create a velvety mouthfeel. Aged for 17 months in barrels we acquired from Heaven Hill Distillery and Willet Distillery, the barrels express themselves as a strong vanilla aroma and flavor that mingles nicely with the notes of chocolate and molasses in the beer. (Source)

Boulevard Imperial Stout Aged in Port, French Oak and Rye Whiskey Casks, $4.59/12oz - The brewers selected a single stout recipe to place in three different barrels to create a blend of stouts that they hoped would meld the flavors of dessert wine with an Imperial Stout (spoiler alert: they succeeded). The base beer aged 10-12 months in three very different, very unique barrels: Port finished whiskey casks (69%), Rye whiskey barrels (20%), and uncharred French oak (11%). The final blend has strong undertones of dark chocolate that create complex layers of flavor with the soft fruit notes and elegant soft tannins contributed by the barrels. (Source)

Boulevard Plaid Habit, $4.69/12oz - Born a double-mashed imperial brown ale, then matured for 18 months in freshly drained 10-year Canadian rye whisky barrels, the beer features checkered notes of rich vanilla, charred oak, warming whisky and spicy rye. With a lingering, boozy sweetness and round, resonant avor, Plaid Habit clearly earns its name. (Source)

Boulevard/Rhinegeist Crust Fall, $3.79/16oz. - Crust Fall is an Imperial Berliner-Style Weisse Ale with additions of peach, blackberry, blueberry, and vanilla. To craft this recipe we invited our good friends from Rhinegeist Brewery in Cincinnati, OH to collaborate with us. Their love of both high-quality beer and pie made them the ideal partners for a venture such as this one. (Source)

Drie Fonteinen Armon and Gaston, $95.49/1.5L - A Gueze made up of Drie Fonteinen brewed lambic from 2013, 2014 and 2015. (Source)

Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze, $70.29/1.5L or $27.19/750ml or $15.29/375ml - Like any traditional geuze, Drie Fonteinen’s Oude Geuze is tart, earthy, and incredibly complex, but also spritzy as champagne and greatly refreshing. (Source)

Grand Armory Mango Grindage, $2.19/12oz - A Mango IPA for mugs, chillin, and grindage, bud-dy! The Mango addition in this juicy IPA makes you feel like you’re in Encino, sneaking slushee pulls right off the machine. (Source)

Ommegang 3 Philosophers Coffee, $5.49/16oz - Blueberry Coffee Three Philosophers pours a deep mahogany with a smooth, tan head. Bold aromas of coffee lead, underpinned by gentle notes of dark fruit. Coffee flavor bursts from the glass resolving to subtle notes of blueberry. A rich, full mouthfeel and caramel malt body are present throughout and finish with a pleasant lingering sweetness. (Source)

Ommegang BA Adoration, $5.69/12oz - Belgian Strong Dark Ale aged in Buffalo Trace barrels

Ommegang Wine BA 3 Philosophers, $5.49/16oz - Three Philosophers, our iconic blend of quadrupel and Belgian kriek, is a tour de force whose malty depth and gentle sweetness are the perfect companions for deep contemplation. In 2019, reach new realms of rumination with this limited release of our iconic beer. Searching for the meaning of life? Even if you don’t quite get there, this beer is sure to sweeten the journey. (Source)

Perrin Malted Milk Ball, $12.69/22oz - Malted Milk Ball 2020 pays homage to one of our favorites treats, we deconstructed the flavor profile of a malted milk ball to create a malt beverage brewed with lactose and spiced with vanilla and cacao nibs. We then laid it down to age for months in Oak Bourbon Barrels. (Source)

Pigeon Hill Cafe Disco, $1.99/12oz - Blonde ale with light flavors of coffee, hazelnut and cinnamon.

Shiner Holiday Cheer, $1.79/12oz - A Bavarian-style Dark Wheat Ale, Dunkelweizen, brewed with Texas peaches and roasted pecans. The malty flavors are enhanced through the use of malted barley and wheat. And Kräusening ensures a smoothness that makes the subtle peach and pecan flavors all more satisfying. (Source)

Southern Tier Salted Caramel, $4.09/12oz - Southern Tier Salted Caramel takes a base imperial milk stout (brewed with lactose), Himalayan pink sea salt, and caramelized sugar, to mimic the flavor of the candy. Much like other beers in the Blackwater Series, this dessert beer finishes at 10% alcohol by volume. (Source)

Tapistry Hoptometry, $2.69/16oz - Easy drinking American IPA with only Simcoe and Amarillo. Great malt backbone and a mild 6.1% creating solid balance. (Source)

Tapistry Ski Bum, $2.19/16oz - Pilsner

Tilquin Guezue, $69.39/1.5L or $24.99/750ml - The Oude Gueuze Tilquin à l'ancienne is a blend of 1, 2 and 3 years old lambic refermented in bottle for at least 6 months. "Oude" in flemish or "à l'ancienne" in french is an appellation protected by the EU and is restricted for traditional belgian gueuze in bottle. (Source)

Tilquin Riesling Lambic, $36.19/750ml - Oude Riesling Tilquin à l'Ancienne is a lambic with riesling grapes added. (Source)

Untitled Art Blackberry Lime Imperial Seltzer, $4.69/16oz

Untitled Art Hazier Triple IPA V.2, $5.19/16oz - Brewed with Mosaic, Sabro, Citra, Azacca, Amarillo, El Dorado, BRU-1 and Idaho 7 Hops. (Source)

Untitled Art Pixie Mix Fruit Punch, $4.69/16oz - Hard seltzer

Wolverine Massacre, $4.89/12oz - Imperial Dark Lager aged in bourbon barrels.

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