Siciliano's Market News, Presentation on Distilled Spirits Edition (Jan 17)

Siciliano's liquor buyer John Barecki

By Steve Siciliano

I am pleased to announce that on Thursday, January 23 Siciliano’s liquor buyer John Barecki will be giving a presentation on distilled spirits at the Walker branch of the Kent County Library located at 4293 Remembrance Road, Walker, MI 49534.

This Distilled Spirits 101 class will focus on six popular distilled spirits—vodka, gin/genever, tequila/mezcal, brandy, rum and whiskey—and will include the following points of discussion:

· A description of the stills that are used in the production of the spirits and how they work.

· How each spirit is produced and what defines them.

· How location, raw materials and wood aging affect the end product.

· Ways to best appreciate the flavors and nuances of the individual spirits.

The presentation is free of charge and will begin at 630 pm. Please note that while this presentation will not include samples or tastings, participants must be of legal drinking age to attend.

New and Returning Beer

  • Austin Brothers Mr. Plumpricot Sour, $4.09/16oz - "Fruited Kettle sour brewed with lactose sugar and a large amount of Plum and Apricot puree giving a tart bold fruit character." (Source)

  • Austin Brothers Question Murk, $3.79/16oz - " Question Murk is a New England Style IPA with five pounds per barrel of some super fun hops! What hops you ask? Why that's a great question (murk)!" (Source)

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