Siciliano's Market News, September 10 Edition

This week's list of new and returning products follows the second installment of Steve and Barb's fly fishing trip to Montana

Barb with a nice Madison River rainbow

By Steve Siciliano

The Madison River rises in Yellowstone National Park in the northwest part of Wyoming. Flowing west from the park and then north through the mountains and valleys of southwestern Montana it converges with the Jefferson and Gallatin rivers at Three Forks to form the Missouri River. The 153 mile river was named for US Secretary of State James Madison in July 1805 by Meriwether Lewis while he was traipsing through the recently purchased Louisiana Territory with his sidekick William Clark. Madison was one of the main architects of the US Constitution and the fourth President of the United States. He probably deserves a spot on Mt. Rushmore but having one of North America's blue ribbon trout fisheries named after him might be the next best thing.

On our recent visit to Montana Barb and I fished the Madison seven straight days. On the afternoon we arrived at the Madison Valley Ranch we unpacked then promptly grabbed rods and a net from the property's fly shop and made the short walk to the "channels". This wade only section of the Madison splits into numerous braids and channels before flowing into Ennis Lake. The combination of swift current and slick rocks made for tough wading. We had a few hits on our grasshopper patterns but after an hour or so of slipping, sliding and not netting any fish we called it quits.