Siciliano's Market News, September 24 Edition

Updated: Sep 27

This week's list of new and returning products follows information about this year's Winexpert Limited Edition releases and a few words about the end of summer.

Preamble by Steve Siciliano

Each year Winexpert releases five super-premium kits from the world’s great wine regions that are not part of the company’s regular portfolio.

These kits are available only on a pre-order basis. Each kit yields six gallons of wine which translates into thirty 750 ml bottles.

We are now taking orders for this year's Limited Edition offerings. Please note that we must receive pre-orders by Thursday, November 12, 2020, either by phone (616-453-9674), email ( or in person at Siciliano's.

The following are descriptions of the individual varieties along with the respective pricing and release dates.


Cherry and cranberry on the nose with a subtle floral note. Strawberry and cherry flavors accented by savory spice. Vibrant and versatile with freshness and finesse.

Sweetness: Dry Body: Medium Oak: Light Alcohol: 13.0% #3274 LE20 New Zealand California Double Noir 14L Wine Kit December 2020, $163.95


An aromatic wine with floral aromas, fresh peach and citrus flavors. Notes of rose petal and peach, complemented by honeysuckle, mandarin orange and stone fruit flavors. Bright acidity. Sweetness: Dry Body: Medium Oak: None Alcohol: 13.5% #3275 LE20 Argentina Torrontes Muscat 14L Wine Kit January 2021, $154.95


Appealing aromas of cherry, strawberry and rose. Juicy red berry and strawberry flavors with hints of cinnamon and herbs. Sleek and savory with earthy and mineral nuances. Fresh acidity and smooth tannins. Sweetness: Dry Body: Medium Full Oak: Medium Alcohol:13.5%

#3276 LE20 Italy Nerello 14L Wine Kit February 2021, $163.95

SYNERGY (Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Grigio) LODI, CALIFORNIA

Lively and off-dry with tropical and stone fruit flavors. Notes of green apple, pineapple and citrus. Delicate floral aromas. Bright acidity and a crisp balanced finish. Sweetness: Off-Dry Body: Medium Oak: None Alcohol: 12.5% #3277 LE20 California Synergy 14L Wine Kit March 2021, $154.95


A plush, charismatic blend with notes of raspberry and spice. Big tannins with a whisper of licorice. Delicious dark fruit and red berry with complex notes of vanilla, peppery spice and subtle smoke.

Sweetness: Dry Body: Full Oak: Heavy Alcohol: 14.0% #3278 LE20 Australia California Grenache Tannat Shiraz with Skins 14L Wine Kit April 2021, $179.99

* * *

Winexpert has announced that they will also be releasing two of their popular dessert wine kits this fall.

These limited releases are also available on a pre-order basis. Each dessert kit yields 3 gallons of wine. Please note that we must receive pre-orders by Thursday, October 8, 2020, either by phone (616-453-9674), email ( or in person at Siciliano's.

The kits will be available towards the end of October. The following are descriptions and retail pricing.

APRÈS Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Wine

Description: Warm cherries and plums are supported by a racy zing of bright raspberry and luscious chocolate.

ALCOHOL: 17% |   BODY: Full |    OAK: Medium |   SWEETNESS: Sweet #LR001 Après Chocolate Raspberry Dessert Wine 8L Kit (Limited) $104.95 each

APRÈS Chocolate Orange Dessert Wine

Description: Tangy orange marmalade wrapped in bittersweet dark chocolate. ALCOHOL: 17% |   BODY: Full |    OAK: Medium   |   SWEETNESS: Sweet #LR010 Après Chocolate Orange Dessert Wine 8L Kit (Limited) MAP: $104.95 each

* * *

On a chilly evening during the last week of August my wife took a sip of after dinner bourbon, released a heavy sigh, ruefully and dramatically proclaimed that summer was over and lamented that it went by too fast. I gently reminded Barb that summer wouldn't officially be over until September 22 and assured her that there was plenty of nice weather ahead of us. I'm a merchant not a meteorologist but I'm happy to say that my extended forecast turned out to be pretty accurate.

I do agree with Barb that summer went by way too fast. It seems like only yesterday that we were putting the docks in. This weekend we're hauling them out.

Despite its swift passing Barb and I have had a good summer. We were able to spend a lot of time at the cottage and we did a good amount of fishing. We even dusted off our golf clubs for the first time in fifteen years. In other words, we were very fortunate to be able to do precisely what semi-retired folks should be able to do.

Of course semi-retirement wouldn't be possible if not for our amazing staff. Our managers Sarah Derylo, Kati Spayde and John Barecki do a great job during our frequent and extended absences. Our current group of employees, Jonathan, Alex, Michael and Sammy, are A-OK. When we're not around Barb and I know that our little mom and pop business is in good hands.

Featured Wines of the Week

Powers, 2015, Spectrum red blend, California, $13.99/750ml- Filled with focused aromas of cherry, red currant, sweet cigar with a touch of cedar, this wine is very complex and intriguing on the nose.  Layered flavors of red fruits, blueberries, black cherry, a slight hint of huckleberry and fresh fig lead into a finish that is balanced alongside fine integrated tannins with a touch of white pepper and a slight earthiness. (Source)

Merkin Vinyards, 2018, Shinola red table wine, Arizona, $26.19/750ml- Earthy notes of chalky cocoa, sun-dried tomato, black tea and spice, with a crisp herbal savor and bright cherry tartness on the back. (Source)

Fantini, 2018, Sangiovese, Italy, $11.89/750ml- Sensory Features: Garnet red. Intense and persistent, fruity (strawberry and black cherry) with a winy note and wood flavour. Medium body, good tannins, balanced and ready to drink. (Source)

Buy three or more bottles of wine get 10 % off.

"It's our mission at Siciliano's to sell quality wine at affordable prices."

Featured Spirits of the Week

Dzama, Cuvee Noire, Rum, Madascar, $14.79/750ml- surprising elegance and complexity (hints of cloves, vanilla, chocolate, wild flower). Memorable finish inviting taste of matching food. Another sipping beauty. But don’t be afraid to blend, as this structured rum will elevate any drink to a higher level. (Source)

Dzama, Cuvee Noire Prestige, Rum, Madagascar, $14.79/750ml- Not too many high-end rums can boast of the perfect balance of flavors achieved by this rum. Rated one of the “50 Best Aged Rums” available in the U.S. (Aromas of orange, vanilla, coffee liqueur, citrus, hint of banana.) This refined oak barrel rum is filled with character and flavor, and abound with palpable elegance. (Source)

Spauldings, Barrel Reserve coffee liqueur, Ann Arbor Distilling, MI, $35.39/750ml - Roasted Coffee and Almonds, Creamy Vanilla.

New and Returning Products

21st Amendment Hell or High Mango, $1.99/12oz - Wheat ale brewed with Mango.

Abomination/Fat Orange Cat 11 Lives & Still Wandering, $7.09/16oz - Double IPA with Lotus, Cashmere, Citra and Mosaic hops.

Arcadia Jaw Jacker, $2.09/12oz - This spiced amber ale is our celebration of the arrival of Autumn. Brewed with cinnamon, all-spice and nutmeg (a riff on Grandma Davies’ pumpkin pie recipe), and additions of Caramel and Crystal malt for balanced flavor, drinkability and a brilliant orange-amber color, despite the absence of pumpkin in the recipe. A refreshingly spicy, season brew. (Source)

Bells Expedition, $2.39/12oz - A huge malt body is matched with a heady blend of chocolate, dark fruit and other aromas. The flavors will slowly meld and grow in depth as the beer ages in your cellar. (Source)

Brewery Vivant Coqtoberfest, $3.79/16oz - It’s that time of year again!!! Bonfires, hiking trails, tailgating (maybe from your driveway) This is basically a german lager spin on Big Red— crisp, malt forward, with a thirst quenching finish. (Source)

Deschutes Royal Fresh, $2.49/12oz - Get a taste of hop royalty with this juicy juggernaut featuring big, tropical hop flavors and a deceptively smooth finish. 7 hop additions across 6 points of the brewhouse and fermentation add 5lbs/barrel of hops to this majestic brew. (Source)

Equilibrium dHop26, $7.59/16oz - dHop 26 pours a vivid yellow with an aroma of bright citrus, earthy grass, and blueberry. Flavors of bright orange, red currants, and assorted berry lead with a touch of floral earth that morphs together into a beautiful representation of the Mosaic hop. Light and easy to drink, an escalating rainbow melon #EQjuice finish builds up to a great finish. (Source)

Equilibrium Energy Equals, $6.79/16oz - Energy Equals is a companion beer to MC². It completes the equation. We start with MC² as a base and incorporate the well received process we like to refer to as the ‘Energy Dry Hop’ which gives this beer an intense brightness and flavor. Energy Equals has enhanced flavor characteristics of mango, pineapple, citrus, and apricot. With the new technique in place, we notice a much deeper flavor profile while being extremely bright and lighter in body. It’s extremely crushable with our EQ juice finish. (Source)

Equilibrium Tomorrow, $5.19/16oz - Tomorrow is a delicate 4.0% Citra and Mosaic American Pale Ale ale with a hefty dose of oats designed for a balance of immediate consumption at plans the next day. It pours a very hazy light yellow, releasing well-blended notes of orange juice, pineapple, and fresh cut grass. It tastes soft and tropical with a slight bready note and no trace of astringency (Source)

Equilibrium Wavelenght, $5.99/16oz - We started with oats and white wheat for a base before adding Simcoe and Mosaic to the whirlpool. To get some berry medley notes going we dry hopped with Mosaic and Citra at a 2:1 ratio. Wavelength pours bright yellow with aromas of citrus and stone fruit with crushable flavors of mango and berry with a light refreshing finish. (Source)

Fat Orange Cat Bruno the Baby Beer Cat, $4.39/16oz - MOSAIC, GALAXY & DENALI hops. This hop combination creates intense but balanced berry, pineapple and citrus flavors with a smooth finish. (Source)

Ferndale Project My Precious, $6.59/16oz - Double new england ipa double dry hopped with nelson sauvin, rakau and kohatu.

Ferndale Project Solo Galaxy, $5.99/16oz - Double new england ipa double dry hopped with all galaxy.

Foundation Epiphany, $4.69/16oz - Epiphany was first brewed in 2014 to highlight the glorious flavors and aromas of hops, with notes of citrus, tropical fruit and pine combining for a rich, juicy experience. At the time, there was no real name for what became known as "New England IPA". Instead, we were usually asked if Epiphany was more British-style, or West Coast style. "Neither really," we would respond, "We just call it our Maine IPA." (Source)

Hoof Hearted Musk of the Minotaur, $4.69/16oz - Follow your nose to the most righteous party of the year. Orange and Guava dominate the noise alongside a generous helping of that unmistakable dank stank. A soft-shelled hop assault drops a blender's worth of tropical fruit and helps the beer glide across the tongue like a pizza-inspired conga line. Feel free to ask Gary in the back office what we meant by that. (Source)

Oddside Bluegrass Breakfast, $8.19/12oz - Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels with coffee, maple syrup, bacon and pecans.

Oddside Bombon de la Muerte, $8.19/12oz - BBA Imperial Stout with chocolate and dead sea salt added.

Oddside Hazel's Nuts and Chocolate, $8.19/12oz -

Oddside Hazel's Nuts and Raspberry, $8.19/12oz - BBA Imperial Stout with coffee, hazelnut and raspberry

Oddside Hazel's Nuts, $6.29/12oz - BBA imperial stout with coffee and hazelnuts.

Oddside Spice Apple Hard Seltzer, $1.89/12oz

Oddside Triple Barrel Sweet Potato Souffle, $8.19/12oz - Imperial rye ale with sweet potato, cinnamon, nutmeg and lactose aged in rye whiskey, chocolate rye whiskey, and rum barrels.

Perrin Twilight Train, $2.49/12oz - All aboard the Twilight Train – this Black IPA uses dark malts to give its Midnight color and hopped with Citra, Cascade, and Amarillo hops. Hop on the Twilight Train and ride into the darkness. (Source)

Roak Pumpkijn Milkshake IPA, $3.59/16oz

Roak Watusi Moonshot, $3.19/16oz

Saugatuck Peanut Butter Porter, $1.89/12oz - A classic Porter rich with the delicious harmony of peanut butter. Open the top on this flavorful beer for a silky smooth drinking experience. (Source)

Short Throw Green Tops, $4.89/16oz - Brewed with Mosaic and Citra hops, graciously dry hopped with the same varietals. (Source)

Timber Ales He Who Walks Among Monsters, $6.79/16oz - He who walks among monsters is a collaboration with our friends from The Seed. This Imperial Stout has been aged on coffee, maple syrup and cassia bark. (Source)

Two Guys Cashmere Quest, $3.89/16oz

Unruly 21 Guns, $2.79/12oz - Our bold, patriotic 21 gun hop salute. This beer is quickly becoming a favorite in the taproom. The Amarillo, Citra, and Mosaic hops combine to create an awesome blend of citrus and tropical tastes and aromas. (Source)

Unruly Revel Rouser, $2.79/12oz - West Coast style India Pale Ale. Using all Michigan hops. Columbus, Cascade, Centennial, and Columbus hops. (Source)

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