Siciliano's Market News, Thanks to Chris & Happy New Year Wishes Edition (Jan 3)

Chris Siciliano, former contributing editor of The Buzz.

By Steve Siciliano

With the first post of the new year I would like to thank my son Chris for the outstanding work he has done in his past role as contributing editor of The Buzz. This blog was launched at the beginning of the last decade with a piece celebrating the Mitten State’s 174th birthday. Chris wrote that inaugural post as well as many others that have run both in this new space and on our old platform over the last ten years. I hope that he will be able to find time in his busy life to contribute a few more.

While many of the over 900 posts that appeared in The Buzz over the last decade had to do with specific information related to what we sell and what we do at Siciliano’s Market, many others were about three of my greatest passions: travel, fly fishing and food. We have also run bar, restaurant and distillery reviews and some pieces are tagged with the labels of fiction and philosophical musings. Writing is one of my avocations and it’s nice to have a loyal readership. It’s even nicer when folks tell me that they enjoy the writing.

As we begin a new decade Barb and I would like to personally thank all our loyal customers for their patronage. On behalf of the Siciliano’s staff we would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.

New and Returning Beers

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