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Siciliano's Market News, Valentine's Day Sale Edition (Feb 14)

By Steve Siciliano

I doubt that anyone in a romantic relationship needs to be reminded that today is Valentine’s Day but for those still looking to pick up a gift or two for the love in their life, I’d like to offer a suggestion. Instead of snatching that red rose or heart shaped box of chocolates from a grocery store why not stop by Siciliano’s and let our knowledgeable staff help you pick out a thoughtful and heartfelt gift that your sweetheart will really like.

To make the first Valentine's Day of the new decade even sweeter we are running heartwarming sales on the following items:

  • Buy 3 or more bottles of wine, get 10% off. Sale runs through the end of February.

  • Buy 12 or more singles of beer or cider, get 10% off. Sale runs through Sunday, 2/16.

  • Buy 2 or more wine ingredient kits, get 10% off. Sale runs through Sunday, 2/16.

  • Buy 6 or more premium cigars, get 10% off. Sale runs through Sunday, 2/16.

New and Returning Beer

  • Arbor Double Cow, $2.59/12oz - "Our 25th Anniversary is a fresh Double IPA take on our classic Sacred Cow IPA recipe. Anchored by classic Cascade hops, we added a huge dry hop blend of newer modern hops to lend tropical notes to its classic IPA backbone of bready malt and citusy hops. We raise our glass in celebration of all those who brought us here - to 25 more years!" (Source)

  • Ascension TiHKAL, $4.69/16oz - "TiHKAL(Terpenes i Have Known and Loved) is our new rotating hop IPA series. Brewed with Oats, Wheat, and Honey malt, and a different dry hop everytime." (Source)

  • Avery BA Cucumber Hibuscus, $9.99/16oz - "A barrel-aged sour with cucumber and hibiscus. Part of the Barrel-Aged 16ers series!" (Source)

  • Avery Double Digit, $3.69/12oz - "Giant fruity hop overtones, and easy on the bitterness, Double Digit IPA is a juicy and hazy IPA first warm dry-hopped with Simcoe and Amarillo hops, then traditionally dry-hopped with all Mosaic hops to put it over the top." (Source)

  • Avery Pear of Peaches, $3.69/12oz - "Packed with fruit-forward hops, this Imperial Hazy IPA brings a bushel of fruity flavors with plump peaches and pleasing pears." (Source)

  • Boulevard Phantom Haze, $3.59/16oz - "Inspired by the luminous glow of stunning sunsets and the enigmatic aura of transient twilight, this supernaturally delicious beer is big, bold and beautifully balanced, bursting with luscious tropical hop flavors." (Source)

  • Brew Detroit Bring Out Your Dead, $2.49/16oz - "Crisp. Light. Juicy. This beer was brewed in proud partnership with Detroit City Football Club and The Faithful of Detroit City. Dry-hopped with Lotus and Mosaic hops lend notes of citrus, berry and fruit, finishing with a mild bitterness." (Source)

  • Brew Detroit Ode to Ceris, $3.79/16oz - No commercial description.

  • Broadleaf Beamed Propulsion, $3.59/16oz - "Beamed Propolsion - India Pale Lager - Columbus & Loral Hops - 6%" (Source)

  • Broadleaf Cult Pils, $2.79/16oz - "Crushable. Approachable. Delicious. Join the Cult. Pilsen malt, Saaz hops." (Source)

  • Broadleaf Hazier J, $4.39/16oz - "NEIPA Hopped w/ Citra, Mosaic and Amarillo *Lactose - 7.2%" (Source)

  • Broadleaf Koeze CNCPBC, $4.39/16oz - "Koeze Cream Nut Chocolate Peanut Butter Cluster Stout - Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Lactose and Salt - 6.6%" (Source)

  • D'Achouffe Cherry Chouffe, $2.99/12oz - "This is the latest addition to the Achouffe Brewery... The aroma of Cherry CHOUFFE gives pride of place to cherries. It also reveals notes of strawberry, almond, spices and sweet Port. Round-bodied, soft and delicate, Cherry CHOUFFE delights the gourmands among us. It has a satisfying finish, with a very slight bitterness." (Source)

  • Drafting Table Simon Saaz, $2.79/16oz - "A highly drinkable premium Czech pale lager brewed with floor-malted Bohemian pilsner malt and Saaz hops." (Source)

  • Great Divide Coffee Porter, $2.89/12oz - "No shortcuts were taken to create this perfect pairing of coffee and beer. Whiskey barrels that once held Yeti Imperial Stout were filled with green coffee beans sourced from Mexico and provided by our favorite local purveyor, Pablo’s Coffee. Once the beans were infused with characteristics of both barrel and Yeti, they were roasted and integrated into the coffee porter you hold in your hand. Cheers!" (Source)

  • Hopewell Going Places, $3.79/16oz - "Going Places is an IPA for those on the up-and-up. A vibrant combo of new-wave hops offers fresh citrus, tropical fruit and sticky pine with a prickly finish, putting this hoppy bev on the path ahead. Let’s get it." (Source)

  • Hopewell NEON Apricot Strawberry, $22.79/750ml - "Neon: Apricot Strawberry is our second in a series of fruited, mixed-culture, bottle-conditioned sour ales. Inspired the levity of our favorite pét-nat wines, Neon is best enjoyed fresh, cold and with friends." (Source)

  • Hopewell Off Black Pils, $3.29/16oz - "A Black Pils at the intersection of the bold and the easy-going. Dark roasted malts play front and center, but firm noble hopping and modest alcohol reel it back to its crisp, refreshing endpoint." (Source)

  • Hoppin' Frog Peanut Butter Hazelnut Chocolate Cake, $7.79/16oz - "The rich, decadent character of this gourmet cake stout will fill your senses with friendly, familiar flavors and aromas of yesteryear. Take a trip back in time, and enjoy all the memories that our Peanut Butter Hazelnut Caramel Chocolate Cake Stout will invoke." (Source)

  • Illuminated Junior Astronaut Juice, $5.19/16oz - "We’ve built a lower gravity version of our Astronaut Juice DIPA with the same hop schedule - Mosaic, Mandarina Bavaria, Amarillo & Pacifica - and the same late-hop strategy so you can enjoy its tangerine flavor even on your longer orbits through outer space." (Source)

  • Illuminated Treasure Bath, $5.79/16oz - "TREASURE BATH! Loaded up with pineapple, mango, red currant, and raspberry and finished off with rakau and mandarina bavaria hops. This is beer fit for an emperor or a king. And, it's good to be the king." (Source)

  • New Holland Poet's Brunch, $4.69/16oz - "Poet’s Brunch Stout is the first release in the Brewers’ Best series. Inspired by our flagship oatmeal stout, this beer is brewed with unmistakable aromas of cinnamon and vanilla, with a smooth, sweet flavor of maple syrup, oats and malted barley." (Source)

  • Pigeon Hill MI Irish Stout, $1.99/12oz - Irish Dry Stout

  • Singlecut DDH18 Watt, $4.69/16oz - "8-WATT, the Session IPA that raised expectation on what a 5% ABV brew could be just got even more intense with a second dry-hop for just plain MOAR." (Source)

  • Singlecut Eric! More Cowbell!, $4.69/16oz - "We've got a fever. And there is only one cure: a lusciously creamy, slightly sweet Stout that sits atop a chocolate and roast malt base that will rock all night long." (Source)

  • Singlecut I'm an Alligator, $6.39/16oz - "WEIRD & GILLY’S BIG BROTHER! Smooth, juicy tropical/stone fruit with a touch of our signature dank weed. Mega dry-hopped because the Spiders demanded it. (Formerly COLD FIRE)." (Source)

  • Singlecut Softly Spoken Magin Spells, $5.69/16oz "Far away across the field there is a golden IIPA with a tropical / bright citrus / mild pine and smooth / soft lightly sweet malt that will take you home home again." (Source)

  • Urban Artifact Astrolabe, $3.59/12oz - "Midwest fruit tart with 3,000 lb & 15 g vanilla bean per 30 bbl batch." (Source)

  • Urban Artifact Bathysphere, $6.19/12oz - "A special midwest fruit tart brewed with 2,400lbs of Black Raspberries! A rare and decadent treat." (Source)

  • Urban Artifact Cherries Jubilee, $4.69/12oz - "Ale with Balaton cherries, vanilla beans, cinnamon, and lactose." (Source)

  • Urban Artifact Woodbreaker, $3.59/12oz - "Midwest Fruit Tart with 3,000 lbs of sweet dark cherries, 250 lbs of lemon juice & 30 g of vanilla beans per 30 BBL batch. Originally a collaboration with CCBC." (Source)

  • Victory Heavy Drop, $3.29/16oz - "This super juicy sour NE IPA pours opaque, with a heavy aroma of fresh juice and drinks with a danky, tangy distortion that will leave you wondering if that all just really happened." (Source)

Video of the Week/History of Valentine's Day


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