Siciliano's Market News, Winemaking at Home Edition (December 13, 2019)

By Steve Siciliano

Whenever folks ask me if it’s difficult to make homemade wine I always answer that it can be as easy as fishing for bluegills with a cane pole or as complex as wading a narrow, brush-clogged stream using artificial flies to catch trout.

I tell them if they want to make wine as simply as possible, they’re like anglers who prefer using elementary tackle and uncomplicated procedures and they’ll be perfectly happy making wine from concentrated kits or from fresh fruits and vegetables guided by a book of basic recipes. On the other hand, if they like delving into the nuts and bolts of a hobby, they will probably want to take their winemaking to a higher level and will adopt advanced winemaking techniques such as measuring brix, conducting titration tests and taking pH readings.

Whether the home vintner opts for the easy or more complex way to make wine, Siciliano’s stocks everything the hobbyist needs to make good and even great tasting wine. If someone on your Christmas list has expressed the desire to take the plunge into this gratifying do-it-yourself hobby, we are offering our Vintner’s Best Deluxe Winemaking Equipment Kit for the sale price of $100.00 through December 25, 2019. Regular retail price is $125.00.

In other winemaking news, I’ve been asked to spread the word that a local wine making club is currently looking for new members. According to club member Rich Karelse, The Knights of the Wine Table organized in the early 1960s and is dedicated to refining the process of making quality wines at home. Each year members make a selected batch of wine which is collectively aged in oak barrels.

Members also buy fresh juice from Chile, California and Italy in addition to sourcing fresh grapes and they periodically meet for times of food and fellowship in their homes.