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Siciliano's Market News, May 6 Edition

This week's list of new and returning products follows a few words about Up North memories

Carly behind the bar at NA-TAH-KA

Preamble by Steve Siciliano

It was Sunday afternoon and Barb and I had been at it for hours. "I'm beat," I said. "That's enough fun for one day. How about we break for lunch?"

"Sounds good to me," Barb said. "My whole body hurts."

"Yeah, my back is screaming at me. Let's go out. NA-TAH-KA or Oak Grove?"

"NA-TAH-KA is fine."

After cleaning the paint off my hands (Barb never drips or splatters) and changing out of our work clothes we hopped in the truck and made the short drive to the old eating and drinking establishment located halfway between and a stone's throw from Big Bass and Loon Lakes. "Uh-oh," Barb said. "Looks busy."

"Yeah, there's probably a wait. Let's try the Oak."

On the way to Irons I told Barb about the time my dad went to NA-TAH-KA with my two younger brothers in tow. "So the old man wants to go to the bar for a few beers and for some reason he takes the boys. Probably because they bugged him to go along and my mother made him. NA-TAH-KA was kind of a dive back then. They had one of those bowling machines and dad gave them a bunch of dimes to keep them occupied while he sat at the bar and slaked his thirst. Well he got to talking with a few guys and when he finally got up to leave he totally forgot that Mark and Matt were with him. He was halfway to the cabin when he remembered. He high tailed it back and collected the boys and made them promise never to tell mom."

"Mark and Matt must have been terrified."

"According to dad they didn't even know he was gone."

"Then why did he even tell them?" Barb asked.

"Beats the hell out of me."

We had no problem snagging a table at the Oak. When the waitress walked up we ordered tall Tanqueray and tonics and a chicken wrap for me and an order of chips and cheese for Barb. "Did I ever tell you about the time my dad hauled me and Ken out of here?" I asked my wife.

"He did?"

"Yup. Uncle Flavio talked Ken and I into volunteering to cook chicken at a festival that the church down the road used to put on every Labor Day. It was a hot day and the heat from the barbecue pit made it even hotter. I don't know how many volunteers started out in the morning but by the afternoon it was just Ken and me doing the cooking. Flavio helped for about a half hour then spent the day under the beer tent. There was a case of beer in the reefer box truck where the chicken was being stored and by the time we were done cooking I think Ken and I drank most of it. We found Flavio and then all three of us walked down to the Oak. Boy were we shit faced. The place was rocking and I was dancing with some chick from Manistee when I see the old man storming onto the dance floor. He grabbed me with one hand and Ken with the other and threw us into the car."

A Sunday afternoon at Oak Grove

"Why did he do that?" my wife asked.

'Well, for one thing neither one of us was twenty-one. For another thing we were at a bar with Flavio. Before he quit drinking he had a bad habit of getting into bar fights."

"Oh," Barb said. "What about Uncle Flavio? Didn't your dad make him leave too?"

"Nope. But he did take his car keys."

"How did he get home?"

"Beats the hell out of me."

The next afternoon after scouting the Little Man for new spots to fish we stopped at NA-TAH-KA for a bit of refreshment. There were two little old ladies sitting at one end of the bar so Barb and I grabbed stools at the other. "Can you make a bloody Mary?" I asked the bartender.

"I'll have a Miller Lite," said Barb.

"Mild or spicy?" asked the bartender.

"Right down the middle."

By the time the bartender delivered the bloody, Barb was half through with the beer. "How long have you been here?" I asked.

"About a month."

"What's your name?"

"Carly." She picked up the twenty that I had laid on the bar. "I'll be right back with your change."

"How's the bloody?" Barb asked.

"Wheew! I'm glad I didn't tell her spicy."

"How's the drink?" Carly asked when she came back.

"Um, good. What did you put in it?"

"Some pepper, some Tabasco and some of that stuff I can't pronounce. Starts with a W."


"That's it."

While I sipped my ultra spicy drink I remembered a funny story involving my dad, a bloody Mary and a cranky, chain smoking waitress at the Logger's Landing.

"What are you thinking about?" my wife asked.

"Did I ever tell you about the time my dad almost got arrested in Luther?"

Featured Wines of the Week

Charles De Fere, Blanc De Blancs, France, $10.89/750ml- Pale golden color with delicate bubbles. White fresh fruit bouquet (pear, apple).A clean fresh attack. Pleasant to the taste thanks to a well-balanced dosage. perfect with all fishes and seafood but also with white meats. (Source)

Somos, 2019, Tintito, Australia, $28.59/750ml-An intriguing blend of 26% Grenache, 24% Pinot Meunier, 17% Nero d’Avola, 14% Trincadeira, 10% Mataro, 9% Parraleta from multiple regions. It is a collection of small parcels with different winemaking techniques. Vin de soif, made for easy drinking with interest. (Source)

Masi, Bonacosta, Valpolicella, 2019, Italy, $17.59/750ml- One of the classics of the great Veronese tradition, made by Masi in a contemporary style. Valpolicella Classico, praised by Hemingway as "a light, dry red wine, as friendly as the house of a favourite brother", is made here in an elegant style full of simplicity and freshness. Made in the Valpolicella Classica region from a blend using the traditional Veronese grapes: Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara. Fresh with good acidity, soft and silky tannins. Cherries are the dominate flavor, with hints of vanilla. (Source)

Barkers Marque, The Loop, Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand, $14.19/750ml- The loop is named for the loop in blind river on our vineyard's southern edge. A spot our winemaker, Simon Barker, calls home. A more nuanced and complex wine than its contemporaries, it shows off how well our wines work with food. (Source)

Art of Earth, 2020, Malbec, Argentina, $11.99/750ml- This fruit forward Malbec has an intensive ruby color. The bouquet is an exquisite combination of plums and red fruits, with spice notes. On the palate it has a silky entry, with firm tannins and long finish. Serve with strong-flavored foods, beef, lasagna, pastas and meat dishes. (Source)

Lobetia, Tempranillo, Spain, $10.89/750ml- Deep cherry color with a violet shade. Red berries and cherries on the bouquet. Fresh and harmonious with long finish. (Source)

Buy three or more bottles of wine get 10 % off.

"It's our mission at Siciliano's to sell quality wine at affordable prices

New and Returning Products

Abomination Rotting Earth, $6.59/16oz-This year's batch of our 9.3% double IPA features a completely revamped recipe, now double dry hopped with a blend of Citra, Eukanot, Mosaic, Pacific Jade, Motueka, & Arianna. Lush and dank. (Source)

Against the Grain Loo-a-Vuh, $2.99/16oz-Inspired by our hometown hero, Loo-a-vhul Pale is hazy and bursting with tropical aroma. Generous dry hopping lends notes of peach, strawberry, mango flavors. This hazy, crazy pale ale was made with Loo-a-vuhl love for the decadent and depraved Loo-a-villians, but you can have some too! (Source)

Anderson Valley Summer Solstice, $1.99/12oz-Rich copper color floating a lacy, white head. Rich aroma of malt and caramel. Creamy, satin smooth body envelops a pleasantly sweet caramel flavor with a subtle, spicy finish. (Source)

Black Rocks Super Deluxe, $2.19/12oz-Bready, malty aroma with a hint of spicy hops. Crisp, clean German Lager. (Source)

Company Values Foresight, $5.19/16oz-Fruited smoothie sour with banana, strawberry and vanilla beans.

Evil Twin Lemon Meringue, $3.79/16oz-Fruited Sour Ale w/ Lemon & Marshmallow

Fat Orange Cat One Cat on the Board, $4.69/16oz-New England Style Single-Hop IPA Series brewed with El Dorado hops.

Foundation Cosmic Bloom, $3.79/16oz-Soft in body, straw gold in color. American and Australian hops combine to create a citrus, white grape and tropical hop profile. (Source)

Foundation Mango Tango Jam, $4.69/16oz-A kettle soured ale brewed with milk sugar and fermented with mango and tangerine. Tropical and fruity-delicious. (Source)

Foundation Pale Blue Dot, $4.69/16oz-Brewed in collaboration with Orono Brewing in honor of Earth Day. A portion of the proceeds benefit Sebago Clean Waters. Citra, Galaxy and Mosaic hops. (Source)

Foundation Vigor, $4.69/16oz-Double dry hopped with Sultana and Amarillo. Flavors of ripe guava and pineapple with a satisfying resinous character. (Source)

Hoof Hearted Quit Your Fussin', $6.29/16oz-Double frooted sour milkshake DIPA with Double Boysenberry, Raspberry, Blackcherry, Milk Sugar & Vanilla Beans. (Source)

Hopewell And Now, $4.09/16oz-And Now is a Double Dry-hopped Lager brewed with Simcoe, Amarillo and Cascade hops. This hopped-up lager shows flashes of a West Coast upbringing, carrying big notes of orange, lime, pine and grapefruit, seen through to a crispy, pleasantly bitter finish. (Source)

Hopewell Desert Palm, $4.39/16oz-Desert Palm is an IPA inspired by the SoCal classics. Brewed with a blend of punchy American hops, this IPA carries a distinct profile of grapefruit, pineapple, citrus rind and pine. Refreshingly hoppy and noticeably bitter, with a finish as dry as the desert. (Source)

Hopewell Verified, $3.29/16oz-Czech-style Pale Lager brewed with all Pilsner malt and Saaz hops. Round and soft with a fully fledged malt profile, accented by grassy, spicy hop notes and a bright finish. A simple beer that tastes anything but. (Source)

Lone Pine El Derado, $5.49/16oz-It's time to give EL DORADO its chance to shine in the newest variation of our DDH OH-J series. Deep, opaque gold in color with a bright white head, EL DORADO DDH brings forth seductive lemon aromas with undertones of pineapple, melon, and potpourri. Pleasant flavors of Lemondrop candies and tropical fruit up front are followed by a soft but assertive bitterness. With a pillowy mouthfeel, EL DORADO DDH ends with a medium-dry finish. (Source)

Lone Pine Tie Dye T-shirt Cannon, $4.89/16oz-This new addition to the T-SHIRT CANNON family is kicking in at a 7.7% ABV. Decidedly dank but rolls smooth. Subtle aromas of overripe mango, mixed candied fruit, and coconut are accompanied by bountiful flavors of tropical fruit and stone fruit with a slightly bitter kick to follow. (Source)

Luddington Bay Ry-fi, $1.99/12oz-American IPA with 10% rye malt. Dry hopped with cascade and Amarillo hop for a floral & citrus experience. (Source)

Ore Dock Blond, $1.99/12oz-Our French ale yeast on full display through a full-bodied delivery of subtle maltiness with dominant characters of peach and apricot. Sealed with a slight sweetness reminiscent of wild honey. (Source)

Rogue Combat Wombat, $4.39/16oz-Weird and wonderful fusion of hazy IPA and sour ale brewed with grapefruit and blood orange, then dry-hopped with Australian hops. (Source)

Shiner Peach Wheat, $1.79/12oz-This small batch brew is the eleventh in our Brewer's Pride Series - a what ale brewed with juicy, perfectly ripe peaches from the nearby Texas Hill Country. These peaches, along with a mix of 2-row and wheat malts, make for a slightly sweet, refreshing ale. Badly filtered, this brew has a golden, hazy color and it tastes like it came fresh from the orchard. But it's only around a little while, so pop open a peach and enjoy. (Source)

Speciation Xerophile, $11.69/375ml-Open Fermented Pastry Sour Ale with Cocoa Nibs, Raspberries, Vanilla & Peanut Butter. Blended for Tavour. (Source)

Stone Liquid Poem, $3.19/12oz-IPA - Imperial / Double

Toppling Goliath Dorthy's New World Lager, $2.59/16oz-Mildly hopped with Cascade hops, this lager is light in color and body, and clean to the taste. (Source)

Toppling Goliath King Sue, $5.29/16oz-This full-bodied, hazy double IPA is Citra-hopped with a juicy combination of mango, orange, and pineapple flavors finishing with a grapefruit aroma and ferocious bite. (Source)

Toppling Goliath Pompeii, $3.39/16oz-Pompeii is our single-hop mosaic IPA. It features mango and pineapple flavors with a medium-body feel. (Source)

Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue, $3.39/16oz-This Citra hop pale ale is delicate in body with a mild bitterness in the finish. Ferocious hop aromas of citrus and mango give a refreshing taste that is bright with just enough bite! (Source)

Toppling Goliath Scorpius Morchella, $5.49/16oz-Brewed each spring to celebrate our brewery’s annual day off to go morel mushroom hunting, this excitingly hazy double IPA is a tribute to our love of great hops and morels. Created with a combination of Pacific Northwest and Southern Hemisphere hops, Scorpius Morchella is meant to be shared with friends on a warm spring afternoon. (Source)

Urban Artifact Beipiaosaurus, $7.29/187ml-A blend of wild-caught cultures, curated to highlight the terrior of the Ohio River Valley and aged on Boysenberries in neutral oak barrels. (Source)

Urban Artifact Stegosaurus, $7.29/187ml-A blend of wild-caught cultures, curated to highlight the terroir of the Ohio River Valley, and aged on Balaton and Montmorency Cherries in neutral oak. (Source)

Urband Artifact Pachycephalosaurus, $7.29/187ml-A blend of wild caught cultures, curated to highlight the terroir of the Ohio River Valley, and aged on marionberries in neutral oak. (Source)

Watermark Electric Rops, $4.39/16oz-IPA - American

Watermark Legend of the Dogman, $4.39/16oz-IPA - American

Watermark Touching Tires, $4.39/16oz-IPA - Session / India Session Ale

Waypost Cafe con Leche, $3.89/16oz-An ode to the essential coffee drink, in beer form. We took a medium bodied, rich stout, added lactose for a touch of sweetness, and cold conditioned it on fresh ground espresso beans. Bold, roasty and flavorful. (Source)

Waypost Farmhouse IPA, $3.49/16oz-Peach, nectarine, tangerine and cantaloupe from every angle, though ‘juicy’, this beer is grounded by yeast-derived spiciness. White pepper and a confident hop presence accent the crisp finish of this Franco-Belgian IPA. (Source)

Waypost House Lager, $3.49/16oz-Unfiltered and naturally carbonated, this German lager is brewed in the zwickelbier style. Features clean Pilsner malt notes, floral and lightly spicy hop character and a crisp, lager finish. One of the cornerstones of our lineup. (Source)

Waypost Italiaqn Pils, $3.19/16oz-Crispy pilsner lager dry hopped with noble hops for unique fruity aroma. Easy drinking, food-friendly, yet complex on the palate. An experiment to make old-school hops like Hallertauer Mittelfrüh and Perle new again. Light bodied, spritzy and dry. (Source)

Waypost Miabock, $3.89/16oz-Light copper colored strong lager, brewed in the Bavarian style to celebrate spring. It’s the perfect transition beer from our stouts, porters and dark beers. Malt-driven with plenty of toast bread, nutty, biscuit notes and a balanced hop presence. (Source)

Waypost Saison, $3.49/16oz-The rustic grain bill featuring spelt and wheat gives the unique saison yeast the chance to show what it can do. Bright stone fruit, pear and floral notes give way to white pepper and a soft wheat character. Dry finish enhanced by high effervescence. (Source)

Waypost Sea Salt Stout, $3.59/16oz-Deep notes of roasted coffee and dark chocolate give way to a a smooth, creamy texture. The addition of sea salt gives depth and coaxes out the dark fruit, hazelnut and cacao, and underscores a slightly sweeter finish. (Source)

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